Book Description

ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, and it's a relaxed, tingling feeling that many people report having as a response to particular stimuli, such as close personal attention, tapping, or whispering. Although its experiencers say they have been aware of the sensation all their lives, it has only recently come together as a public phenomenon thanks to YouTube, where ASMRtists now post thousands of videos that simulate the ASMR experience and help viewers fall asleep when no other remedies work. The ASMR community is generous and connected, and often viewers will become content producers themselves in an effort to give back to those who have helped them.

In this book readers get:

-- A clear explanation of what ASMR is, its benefits, and how to experience it.

-- The most recent theories and evidence as to why and how ASMR works, and how it's connected to other established methods of relaxation.

-- Extensive exploration of the various ASMR trigger types.

-- Tips for discovering the triggers that work for each individual, and ways of finding and adapting to new ones.

-- What to do when one becomes desensitized to their favorite artist or trigger type.

-- Exclusive interviews with the top ASMR artists from all over the world, discussing their strange celebrity and their own ASMR experiences.

-- How-to content on creating ASMR videos, including equipment, props, script writing, editing, and uploading.

-- Online extras will include exclusive video content from one of the top ASMR artists.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Dedication
  4. Copyright Page
  5. Introduction
  6. Part 1: ASMR Basics
    1. 1 Hooked on a Feeling
      1. What Is ASMR?
      2. The Origins of the Name
      3. Real or Imagined?
      4. Does Everyone Experience ASMR?
        1. People Who First Experienced ASMR When Young
        2. People Who First Experience ASMR Later in Life
        3. People Who Do Not Experience ASMR
      5. Stimulating the Senses
        1. The Role of ASMRtists
        2. Not the Sexual Kind of Pleasure
      6. Misophonia: The Opposite of ASMR
    2. 2 ASMR and the Science of Sleep
      1. What Is Sleep?
      2. Slow-Wave Sleep (NREM)
        1. NREM Sleep: Stages 1 and 2
        2. NREM Sleep: Stages 3 and 4
      3. Paradoxal Sleep (REM)
        1. In My Dreams
        2. Welcome to My Nightmare
        3. The Lucid Dream
      4. Sleep Disorders
        1. Wide Awake
        2. How ASMR Can Help
    3. 3 Understanding Stress
      1. Under Pressure: Fight or Flight on Overdrive
      2. The Long-Term Physical Effects of Stress
      3. A Community of Support
        1. Collaborative Care
        2. ASMR: A Symbiotic Relationship
      4. How ASMR Videos May Relieve Stress
  7. Part 2: The Origins of ASMR
    1. 4 Meditation
      1. The History of Meditation
        1. Buddha’s Influence on Meditation
        2. Meditation Moves West
      2. Mind Over Matter
      3. How to Meditate
      4. Common Meditative Practices
        1. Mindfulness
        2. Zazen
        3. Qigong
        4. Transcendental Meditation
        5. Kundalini
        6. Heart Rhythm Meditation
        7. Trance-Based Meditation
      5. Guided Visualization and ASMR Content
        1. Traditional Guided Meditation
        2. ASMR Guided Meditation
    2. 5 Hypnosis: The Power of Suggestion
      1. From Séance to Science
        1. Getting “Mesmerized”
        2. Moving Into Medicine
      2. You Are (Not) Getting Sleepy
      3. Delving Into the Past
      4. How Hypnosis Sessions Work
        1. A Typical Hypnosis Session
        2. Self-Hypnosis
        3. Transpersonal Hypnotherapy
        4. Side Effects of Hypnosis
      5. Is ASMR a Form of Hypnosis?
    3. 6 Biofeedback: The Mind-Body Connection
      1. What Is Biofeedback?
        1. Early Techniques Using Biofeedback
        2. Biofeedback Research Evolves
      2. Types of Biofeedback
      3. How Biofeedback Works
      4. Biofeedback and ASMR: One and the Same?
        1. Sparking Memories
        2. Trying Out Biofeedback Techniques Using ASMR Content
    4. 7 The ASMR Community
      1. In The Beginning
      2. A Community Is Created
      3. The Whispering Community
      4. The Emergence of ASMRtists
      5. The Buzz Builds
        1. ASMR in the Media
        2. ASMR’s Spokeswoman: Ilse Blansert
      6. Coming Soon to the Big Screen
  8. Part 3: Finding Your Triggers
    1. 8 What Causes You to Tingle
      1. Making the Connection with Empathy
      2. Finding Your Inner Child
        1. Exploring the Past
        2. Tapping Into the Theta and Alpha Parts of You
      3. The Late Bloomer
      4. Finding and Expanding Your Triggers
      5. ASMR Immunity: Beating the Buzzkill
      6. ASMR Videos to Help You Discover Your Triggers
    2. 9 Visual Triggers: Just One Look
      1. What Are Visual Triggers?
      2. How Visual Triggers Work
        1. The Perception Process
        2. Mirror Neurons: Monkey See, Monkey Do
      3. Effective ASMR Visual Triggers
        1. Hair Play
        2. “Draw My Life” and Whiteboard Animation Videos
        3. Aquarium Therapy
      4. The Special Case of Show-and-Tell Videos
      5. A Study in Visual Mastery: Olivia’s Kissper ASMR
    3. 10 A Symphony of Sound
      1. Do You Hear What I Hear?
        1. How You Receive Sound
        2. Hearing’s Advantages Over Sight
      2. Whispering and White Noise
      3. Tactile-Acoustic Triggers
      4. Bilateral Stimulation
      5. Neuroacoustics
      6. Using Earphones to Listen to ASMR
    4. 11 The Intimacy of ASMR Role-Play
      1. A Rundown of Role-Play
      2. The Personal Connection Provided by Role-Plays
      3. Salon Service Role-Plays
      4. Medical Role-Plays
      5. Other Service-Based Role-Plays
      6. Fantastic Fantasies: Redefining Traditional Role-Plays
        1. Taking ASMR to the Next Level
        2. Venturing into Fantasy: Ally “ASMRrequests”
        3. Sci-Fi/Fantasy Role-Play Videos
  9. Part 4: Applying ASMR
    1. 12 Everyday ASMR
      1. ASMR: An Extraordinary, Everyday Occurrence
      2. Building a Better Bedside Manner
      3. Cold Reading
      4. Proper Presentation
      5. When ASMR Gets in the Way
      6. Examples of Everyday ASMR
    2. 13 Content Creation
      1. Getting Started
        1. Don’t Quit Your Day Job
        2. What Kind of ASMRtist Will You Be?
        3. Finding Your Voice
      2. Checking Your Surroundings
      3. Gathering and Becoming Familiar with Your Gear
      4. Preparing Yourself
      5. Ways to Film Your Video
        1. Behind-the-Scenes Videos
        2. Face-to-Face Videos
        3. Hybrid Videos
      6. Editing and Uploading Your Video to YouTube
    3. 14 Creating Your First Role-Play
      1. Getting Inspired
      2. Developing the Storyline
      3. Choosing the Right Setting
      4. Conducting Your Research
        1. Knowing the Lingo
        2. Simulating the Sounds
      5. Writing Your Role-Play Script
        1. Writing for Time
        2. Composing the Introduction
        3. Penning the Consultation
        4. Putting Together the Sensory Segment
        5. Scripting the Conclusion
      6. Gathering Your Wardrobe and Props
      7. Rehearsing and Recording Your Role-Play
        1. Rehearsal and Final Preparations
        2. Recording
      8. My First Role-Play: Heather Feather
    4. 15 ASMR Equipment Upgrades and Editing Software
      1. Sounds Good: Finding the Right Microphone
        1. Binaural vs. Stereo Microphones
        2. Power Connections for Your Microphone
        3. Best Bets for ASMR Microphones
      2. Choosing a Video Camera
        1. Camera Categories
        2. Some Popular Video Camera Options
      3. Lights and Backgrounds
        1. Finding Lighting Equipment
        2. Backgrounds and Green Screen
      4. Finalizing the Production: Choosing Editing Software
        1. The Basics
        2. Midlevel Options
        3. The Big Leagues
        4. Editing with Ilse “TheWaterwhispers”
  10. Part 5: Becoming Part of the ASMR Community
    1. 16 ASMR Community Etiquette
      1. How to Be a Good Citizen of the ASMR Community
        1. Being Supportive of ASMRtists in General
        2. Using Common Courtesy When Commenting on ASMR Videos
      2. Making and Taking Requests
        1. “I’m Still Waiting”: Practicing Patience with Your Requests
        2. Being True to Yourself as an ASMRtist
      3. Dealing with Armchair Experts
        1. Trolls
        2. Haters
      4. Maintaining Appropriate Boundaries
        1. Superfans
        2. Information Seekers
        3. “Pervs”
    2. 17 Going Pro as an ASMRtist
      1. TheOneLilium’s Advice for Developing Your ASMR Channel
        1. Get Inspired—and Get Started
        2. Keep Lists for Your Channel
        3. Get Comfortable with the Camera
        4. Interact with Others
      2. To Use Ads or Not to Use Ads
        1. Advertising Options
        2. What Can You Make?
      3. Getting a Paycheck from PayPal
      4. Profiting from Patreon
      5. Keeping Up With the Joneses
      6. Slow and Steady Wins the Race
  11. Appendixes
    1. A Glossary
    2. B Bibliography
    3. C Do-It-Yourself Role-Play Props
    4. D Sample Script for ASMR Role-Play
    5. E The Top 100 ASMRtists
  12. About the Author