Launch your company to the top of its industry by driving and leveraging continuous innovation throughout your organization

It’s no secret that continuous innovation is the key to seizing and maintaining the competitive edge in today’s increasingly challenging business environment. Unfortunately, the process for achieving this holy grail of business has been a mystery—until now.

Built to Innovate delivers a proven system for building relentless innovation into your company’s DNA. Professor and former Dean of Executive Education at INSEAD and business innovation thought leader Ben M. Bensaou explores the essential practices of many of the world’s most innovative organizations―including BASF, AkzoNobel, Sabanci Group, Recruit Holdings, Ecocem, Starwood Hotels, Domino’s Pizza, Bayer, Marvel Studios, Allianz, and Fiskars―and demonstrates how you can leverage them in your own company. This practical guide shows how to:

  • Build your execution and innovating engines
  • Master the innovating perspective
  • Launch the three processes of innovating
  • Engage everyone in innovating
  • Generate ideas from the front lines
  • Empower coaches
  • Create a culture of innovating
  • Catalyze the innovating process
  • Keep the ideas flowing
You’ll learn how to drive innovating in product design and creative use of technology―as well as business activities, such as business model redesign, customer service, distribution, finance, talent development, and sales.

The big question on the mind of every business leader today is: What can I do to create extra value for my company and the customers we serve? Built to Innovate provides everything you need to transform your organization into an innovating engine that continually produces new products and processes to generate enormous new value for you and for the customers you serve.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Dedication
  5. Contents
  6. Introduction: Why a New Book on Innovation?
  7. Part One The Innovating Habit
    1. 1 The Innovating Habit
    2. 2 Execution and Innovating
    3. 3 The Innovating Perspective
  8. Part Two The Three Key Processes of Innovating
    1. 4 The Three Processes of Innovating
    2. 5 Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere
  9. Part Three The Three Key Roles in Innovating
    1. 6 Hands-On Creativity
    2. 7 Coaching Innovation
    3. 8 Setting the Agenda
  10. Part Four The Infrastructure for Innovating Governance and Coordination
    1. 9 Igniting the Engine
    2. 10 Priming the Pump
    3. 11 Keeping the Engine Humming
  11. Appendix
  12. Acknowledgments
  13. Notes
  14. Index