Book Description

Avoid bogus trading systems, learn from a real day trader, and make consistent profits day trading stocks

Day Trading Stocks the Wall Street Way: A Proprietary Disclosure on Intra-Day Trading and Swing Trading Equities provides a real-world guide to successful day trading, and gives you the tools, techniques, and tested, reliable methods you need to trade like the pros. Written by a seventeen-year day trading veteran, this guide talks you down from the industry hype to give you a realistic grounding in self-discipline, consistency, and patience while teaching you the hard skills you need to have a real chance of success.

Avoid losses by swerving from the typical beginner's path of seminars, software, and major brokerage houses, and instead develop the insights that lead to real, long-term profits. With an engaging and humorous tone, the author relates his own experiences and lessons learned to teach you the do's, the don'ts, and the ingredients for success. You'll discover Josh DiPietro's FUSION TRADING SYSTEM—a proven method developed from years of reliability testing. He'll show you how intra-day setups and swing trading setups can be merged to develop a perfect trade.

The surest path to failure and tremendous financial loss begins with the over-eager, overly optimistic amateur trader who sees day trading as a quick and easy path to wealth. This book gives you a much more realistic outlook, and the fundamentals you need to make the most of the market.

  • Get an honest perspective on real-world day trading

  • Gain the wisdom of experience and avoid common pitfalls

  • Learn the framework to Josh Dipietro's profitable FUSION TRADING SYSTEM

  • A poorly defined trading approach will cost you more money than you will make, rendering your day trading venture a potentially damaging net loss. Day Trading Stocks the Wall Street Way: A Proprietary Disclosure on Intra-Day Trading and Swing Trading Equities teaches you the avoidance of loss, the discipline, and the transparent strategies of success, so you can play the market to win.

    Table of Contents

    1. Title Page
      1. Copyright
    2. Author's Note
      1. Do Not Read Out of Order!
    3. Three Essential Prerequisites
    4. Introduction
      1. Changes and Updates Since My First Book (2008)
      2. The Breakdown
    5. Discovering Day Trader Josh
      1. How I Trained, and How I Journeyed Closer to Wall Street
    6. Acknowledgments
    7. Part I: Mastering Your Mindset Before You Absorb the System by Day Trader Josh
      1. Lesson 1: Control of Emotions and Mastery of Focus
        1. The Fear and Greed Factors
        2. How to Control Them
        3. How to Stay Focused While Trading—All Day
      2. Lesson 2: How Overconfidence Can Destroy Your Trade
        1. Confidence Is Great Until You Have Too Much
      3. Lesson 3: Dealing with Your Impatience
        1. Traders Have to Cope with Two Kinds
        2. How to Control Your Impatience
      4. Lesson 4: Knowing When to Stop Trading
        1. Why Taking Breaks from Day Trading Is Necessary
        2. What to Do During Your Inevitable Break(s)
      5. Lesson 5: Risk Management: Buying Power versus Capital
        1. How Much Buying Power to Trade With
        2. Recaps on Managing Your Buying Power
      6. Lesson 6: Avoiding Overexposure to Market Risk
        1. Normal Exposure Is the Amount You Can Lose—Overexposure Is Disaster
        2. Trading Consistently in 100-Share Blocks Prevents Overexposure
        3. Recaps on How to Avoid Overexposure
      7. Lesson 7: Budgeting Your Way to Profitability
        1. How to Stay Out of the Poorhouse
      8. Lesson 8: A Realistic Look at Stop-Loss
        1. Stop-Loss Should Be Automatic
        2. How to Properly Strategize Stop-Loss without Hesitation
      9. Lesson 9: Day Trading Is Not Gambling
        1. There's a Huge Difference Between Them
        2. Day Traders' Options Not Available in Casinos
        3. How to Make Sure You're Day Trading, Not Gambling
      10. Lesson 10: Consistency Rules!
        1. Stay Consistent in Your Trading Habits and Tactics
        2. Maintain a Highly Regimented Trading System
      11. Lesson 11: News versus Noise
        1. Learn to Resist Media Babble
        2. How to Monitor News and Economic Reports
      12. Lesson 12: When It Comes to Averaging Down, Amateurs Beware!
        1. It's Not Based on Real Price Levels
        2. How to Avoid Recklessly Averaging Down
      13. Lesson 13: What Stocks to Trade and Why
        1. I've Already Selected Them for You
        2. Learn My Stock-Selection Criterion System
      14. Lesson 14: Picking the Right Online Broker
        1. Pay-per-Share versus Pay-per-Trade Brokers
    8. Part II: Day Trader Josh's Intra-Day Trading Methodology
      1. Chapter 1: Basic Procedure
        1. The Best Stocks to Trade with My System
        2. Additional Reasons Why You Should Take Only 15 Cents on Each Trade
      2. Chapter 2: Prior Price Levels and Newly Forming Intra-Day Levels
        1. The Basics of One-Minute Candlestick Chart Reading
        2. Get Your Daily Price Levels Logged and Organized
        3. What to Do After You Have Your List of Daily High Price Levels and Daily Low Price Levels
        4. Log Your Prior Price Levels on a Whiteboard Before the Opening Bell
        5. Now You Start the Five-Candlestick Counting Process
        6. How to Count Five Minimum Candlesticks (Chart Analysis)
        7. Notes, Reminders, Cautions, and Hints of the Lessons to Come
      3. Chapter 3: Intra-Day Golden Rules: Entry/Exit Setups
        1. The Rules Explained
        2. Mastering the Three-Tier Max Strategy with 100-Share Block Trades
        3. Understanding the Wisdom of 15-Cent Static Profits
        4. Observing the Framework of Entry and Exit Strategy with Step-by-Step Procedures and Guidelines
        5. Entry Strategy
        6. Exit Strategy
        7. The Wisdom of Using Strategy Stop-Loss
      4. Chapter 4: The Mechanics of FASTKEY Order Execution
        1. Using Your Keyboard Keys for Rapid Order Execution
        2. Placing Orders Directly from a Level 2 Quote Chart (Direct Access)
        3. Executing Real-Time Trades (Manual Limit Orders)
        4. Scrutinizing Both Real-Time and End-of-Day Trades with Back-Testing
    9. Part III: Day Trader Josh's Swing Trading Methodology
      1. Chapter 5: Introduction to Swing Trading: Basic Rules and Procedures
        1. Introducing the Ten-Day Hold Rule
        2. How to Determine the First-Tier Swing Level
        3. Understanding Entry and Exit Setup Rules
        4. Two Key Swing Rules to Follow
        5. Buying Power and Trading Experience Dictate Your Swing Strategy
        6. Here's the Good News!
      2. Chapter 6: Sample Swing Charting Setups
        1. The 5 Percent Bubble
        2. Swing Trade Setups
    10. Part IV: The Fusion of Intra-Day and Swing Strategies
      1. Chapter 7: Introduction to Fusion Trading
        1. Why Are They Not Mutually Exclusive?
        2. Applying the Golden Rules
        3. Deciding Your Trading Options: Intra-Day Only, Swing Only, or Fusion?
      2. Chapter 8: Sample Fusion Trade Setups
        1. Sample Fusion Trade #1
        2. Sample Fusion Trade #2
        3. Sample Fusion Trade #3: An Advanced Fusion Trade
        4. Final Words on Fusion Trading
    11. Part V: Advanced Rules and Procedures
      1. Chapter 9: Maximizing Net Profits and Minimizing Losses on Overall Trade Setups
        1. What Is Pivot Trading?
        2. Sideline Trading
        3. Earnings Release Trading
    12. Part VI: Trading and Training with Day Trader Josh
      1. Chapter 10: My Trading Room and How It Works
      2. Chapter 11: The Day Trader Josh Training Program
        1. Program Details
        2. Learning Objectives
        3. What the Price Includes
        4. Recap
    13. About the Companion Website
    14. My Final Words to Readers: Warnings, Reminders, and Prospects for the Future
    15. Index
    16. End User License Agreement