Improve your personal and professional life with compelling strategies and practical advice 

Don't Push Too Many Trolleys: And Other Tips from Navigating Life and Business teaches readers ten crucial principles required to succeed in life and business. Written by Ying Tan, Founder and CEO of a multimillion pound financial services company, Don’t Push Too Many Trolleys imparts sage advice suitable for anyone, at any stage of their life. 

The author describes the attitudes, lessons, and traits that allowed him to become one of the youngest Vice Presidents ever at Goldman Sachs. He shows readers how he built a company from the ground up to create one of the most influential and powerful financial services companies in the UK. Full of concrete strategies and practical advice, this book provides: 

  • A deeply personal and humble perspective on success in life and business 
  • Actionable advice that makes a real difference in the pursuit of happiness and wealth 
  • A front-row seat to the economic meltdown of 2008 and how the author managed to survive it with his business intact 

Written for entrepreneurs, business people, financial professionals, and anyone else with an interest in improving their personal and professional life by taking full responsibility for their choices and actions, Don’t Push Too Many Trolleys is an indispensable addition to the libraries of people across the world. 

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Preface
  3. Acknowledgements
  4. Prologue: The Anfield Dream
  5. Introduction
  6. Part I: To Be Inspired
    1. 1 Being a Son, Brother and Grandson
    2. 2 Being a Husband and Father
  7. Part II: Good Principles from Navigating Life and Business
    1. 3 Keep Life in Perspective
    2. A Billion Trillion Stars
    3. The Great Wall of China
    4. Expect the Unexpected
    5. Perspective Comes with Age and Experience
    6. 4 Don't Push Too Many Trolleys
    7. Top Trolley Boy
    8. Micky's Ring
    9. A Lesson Learned
    10. Know Your Limits
    11. Manage Your Trolleys
    12. 5 Take Responsibility for Your Life
    13. Eat the Frog
    14. Reality Check 911
    15. Don't Make Excuses
    16. Clocking Off
    17. 6 Do Your Due Diligence
    18. It's Only Homework
    19. Always Read the Contract
    20. Reduce Your Risk
    21. Too Good to be True
    22. Japanese Knotweed
    23. Your Knowledge Bank
    24. Doing Research vs. Being Researched
    25. Jack of All Trades
    26. Due Diligence on the Dragons
    27. 7 Always Have a Plan
    28. Business Plan or Bust
    29. Always Begin With “Why”
    30. Goal Setting
    31. Get SMART
    32. The Spidergram
    33. Step by Step
    34. In the Long or Short Run
    35. Be Accountable
    36. 8 Set the Right Goals for You
    37. Doctors and Nurses
    38. Do Your Due Diligence on You
    39. Give Everything a Go
    40. Testing Your Appetite for Risk
    41. Being Patient
    42. Being Flexible
    43. Your Time Is Precious; Use It Wisely
    44. Five Out of Eight Ain't Bad
    45. No Magic Formula
    46. Why, Why, Why?
    47. 9 Be Ambitious, Not Greedy
    48. Delayed Gratification
    49. Healthy Ambition vs. Fearful Greed
    50. Life Swap? No Thanks!
    51. Beware the Fragile Ego
    52. Sowing Seeds for Future Wealth
    53. Nurture the Roots
    54. Skills vs. Cash
    55. Eating All the Chocolate
    56. Like Father, Like Son
    57. 10 The Best Rewards Are the Hardest Won
    58. Make a Million to Keep a Million
    59. My Business Marathon
    60. Back to School
    61. The Credit Crunch
    62. At the End of the Storm (There's a Golden Sky)
    63. Lucky Number 8
    64. A Cautionary Tale
    65. The 10,000 Hours
    66. The Harder Path
    67. Becoming Investible
    68. The Big Move(s)
    69. 11 Mind Your Manners
    70. The Value of Gratitude
    71. Manners Begin at Home
    72. Thanks To the Boss
    73. Thanks From the Boss
    74. The Value of People
    75. Good Intentions
    76. Small Gesture, Big Impact
    77. 12 Stay in the Game
    78. Giving up on You Is Giving up on Everyone
    79. My Father's Story
    80. The “12th Man”
    81. If Ryan Can Do It…
    82. Turning Obstacles into Opportunities
    83. Until the Final Whistle Blows
  8. Part III: To Be Inspiring
    1. 13 Being a Boss
    2. Transparency, Integrity and Empathy
    3. Know Your Team
    4. Goldilocks Boss
    5. 14 Building a Loyal Team
    6. Being a Team Player
    7. Communication, Communication, Communication
    8. Cleaning Toilets
    9. Hard to Say Goodbye
    10. 15 Team Talk
    11. Ashley, Manager (“Non-Sales”)
    12. Mike, Mortgage Manager
    13. Ryan, Apprentice
    14. Penny, Operations Director
  9. Part IV: The Future
    1. 16 Professional Goals
    2. 17 Personal Goals
  10. Epilogue: A Legacy
  11. End User License Agreement