Book Description

Are you an iOS developer, looking forward to your next career move? Or are you interviewing for positions at your company or start-up? Either way, this book provides the right questions and answers to help you in the review process. 

If you are an interviewer, this book can guide you on which questions are the most useful to ask to find the perfect candidate. Generic interview questions found online are repetitive and often unrelated to the day-to-day tasks of an iOS developer. If you are looking to hire a professional programmer you should consider more advanced questions about architecture, patterns or frameworks such as those included in this book.

All questions are answered clearly and comprehensively and each one is categorized and reviewed by some of the top iOS engineers worldwide. Some of the questions provide quick follow-ups, which might make the difference between a good enough answer and a stellar one. Questions are divided into three different levels, so whether you are a beginner or an advanced iOS developer, this book will help you to land your dream iOS development Job!

What You'll Learn

  • Answer interview questions flawlessly with just the right response to convey your skillset
  • Practice interviews to make yourself more comfortable during the process
  • Discover what sets a generic coder and an experienced iOS developer apart
Who This Book Is For

Experienced iOS developers seeking a new employer or promotion within their current company. It also serves as a great tool for someone in human resources or another hiring position trying to identify the right candidate for an iOS development position.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Front Matter
  3. 1. Questions for a Junior Developer
  4. 2. Questions for Prospective Candidates Who Have Been Working with iOS for Some Time
  5. 3. We Need That Person on Board to Do Great Things!
  6. Back Matter