Use business intelligence to power corporate growth, increase efficiency, and improve corporate decision-making. With this practical book, you'll explore the most relevant AI use cases for BI, including improved forecasting, automated classification, and AI-powered recommendations. And you'll learn how to draw insights from unstructured data sources like text, image, and voice audio files.

Author Tobias Zwingmann, senior data scientist and cofounder of Germany-based AI startup RAPYD.AI, helps BI, business, and data analysts understand high-impact areas of predictive and prescriptive analytics. You'll learn how to leverage popular AI-as-a-service and AutoML platforms to ship enterprise-grade proof of concepts without the help of software engineers or data scientists.

  • Learn how AI can generate business impact in BI environments
  • Use AutoML for automated classification and improved forecasting
  • Implement recommendation services to support decision-making
  • Draw insights from text data at scale with NLP services
  • Extract information from documents and images with computer vision services
  • Make voice audio files accessible for reporting with AI transcription services
  • Build interactive user frontends for AI-powered dashboard prototypes
  • Implement an end-to-end case study for building an AI-powered customer analytics dashboard

Table of Contents

  1. 1. Creating Business Value with AI
    1. How AI is changing the BI landscape
    2. Common AI Use Cases for BI
    3. Automation & Ease of Use
    4. Improved Forecasting & Predictions
    5. Leveraging Unstructured Data
    6. Getting an Intuition for AI & Machine Learning
    7. Mapping AI Use Case Ideas to Business Impact
    8. Summary
  2. 2. AI-Powered Descriptive Analytics
    1. Use Case 1: Querying Data with Natural Language
    2. Problem Statement
    3. Solution Overview
    4. Power BI Walkthrough
    5. Use Case 2: Summarizing data with natural language
    6. Problem Statement
    7. Solution Overview
    8. Power BI Walkthrough
    9. Summary
  3. 3. AI-Powered Diagnostic Analytics
    1. Use Case 3: Automated Insights
    2. Problem Statement
    3. Solution Overview
    4. Power BI Walkthrough
    5. Summary