Educate yourself about finance and socially conscious investing with a woman-centered approach

Activate Your Money provides the foundational support women need to talk to each other about their money, invest to grow their wealth, and to take the actions required to shift their assets into alignment with their values. Written for smart, savvy women who want to feel financially empowered, Activate Your Money starts where other personal finance books leave off. It delivers the depth of information you need to make informed investment decisions across your entire portfolio. Starting with checking and savings accounts and proceeding asset class by asset class, this book provides you with core investment knowledge, as well as concrete examples about how and where you can invest your money in alignment with your values.

You don't have to do it alone. As women, our strength is in relationships, and this book will help you use that strength to attain better financial outcomes for yourself and your family. Activate Your Money will help you find communities of support and position you to share your knowledge with other women and enable the next generation of smart, confident values-aligned investors. Activate Your Money also includes a companion website that contains downloadable tools you can use to take action and a curriculum that guides women through the process of starting and running their own values-aligned investment clubs.

  • Step up your relationship with money and recognize the power you have to change the world through your investment decisions
  • Demystify financial lingo, learn investment strategies, and acquire tools to help you grow your wealth
  • Explore values-aligned investment options, asset class by asset class, and make informed decisions about where to put your money
  • Break the taboo on discussing money with partners, advisors, friends, and daughters

Unlike any other investing book out there, Activate Your Money offers expert guidance, a uniquely woman-centered approach, and a focus on doing good while doing well. Whether you are just starting out or are already a seasoned investor, this book has something for you. Use it as a reference that you can return to again and again as you build your knowledge, confidence, and values-aligned portfolio.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright
  4. Dedication
  5. Welcome to a Brave New World
    1. Feel Good About Your Financial Decisions
    2. Live Your Values
    3. How This Book Came to Be
    4. How to Use This Book and Our Companion Website
    5. Endnotes
  6. PART 1: Establishing Your Foundation
    1. CHAPTER 1: Values-Aligned Investing
    2. Women Think Differently About Money
    3. You Already Have a Lot of Financial Power
    4. What About Financial Returns?
    5. Some Terms You Need to Know
    6. Even Small Investments Make a Difference
    7. Attaining Financial Fulfillment
    8. Prepare to Learn, Experiment, and Have Fun
    9. Take Action
    10. Endnotes
    11. CHAPTER 2: Your Relationship with Money
    12. We All Have Money Stories
    13. Integrating Your Values
    14. Putting Your Heart and Mind into Your Investments
    15. Take Action
    16. CHAPTER 3: Your Financial Foundation
    17. Before You Invest
    18. How Much Money Do You Have?
    19. Your Investment Criteria
    20. Introduction to Asset Classes
    21. Designing Your Portfolio
    22. Tracking How Your Investments Perform
    23. Your Investment Policy Statement
    24. Take Action
    25. Endnotes
  7. PART 2: Crafting an Aligned Portfolio
    1. CHAPTER 4: Cash
    2. Cash Is Ready Money
    3. Traditional Options: The Mega-Bank
    4. Other Banking Options
    5. Values-Aligned Banking Options
    6. Aligning Your Cash
    7. Take Action
    8. Endnotes
    9. Notes
    10. CHAPTER 5: Cash Alternatives
    11. What Are Cash Alternatives?
    12. Fully Insured Cash Alternatives
    13. Non-Insured Cash Alternatives
    14. Take Action
    15. Endnote
    16. Notes
    17. CHAPTER 6: Fixed Income
    18. Non-Bond Options: CDs, CDFIs, and Notes
    19. Bond Basics
    20. Finding Values Alignment in Bonds
    21. Investing in Individual Bonds
    22. Values-Aligned Bonds
    23. Investing in Bond Funds
    24. Values-Aligned Bond Funds and Bond ETFs
    25. Assessing and Mitigating Bond Risks
    26. Making Fixed Income Investment Decisions
    27. Take Action
    28. Endnotes
    29. CHAPTER 7: Public Equities
    30. Why Should You Spend Time Learning About Public Equities?
    31. Trade-Offs in Investment Approach
    32. Investing with a Financial Advisor
    33. Diversifying Your Portfolio
    34. Putting It All Together
    35. Take Action
    36. Endnotes
    37. CHAPTER 8: Public Equities
    38. The Current State of Values-Alignment in Public Equities
    39. Finding Values-Aligned Stocks
    40. Finding Values-Aligned Stock Funds and ETFs
    41. Special Categories of Stock Funds and ETFs
    42. On the Horizon
    43. Investments That Require a Financial Advisor
    44. Engaging in Shareholder Advocacy
    45. Take Action
    46. Endnotes
    47. CHAPTER 9: Private Investments
    48. Anyone Can Invest in Private Companies
    49. Given the Risks, Why Make Private Investments at All?
    50. What Are You Buying?
    51. Private Debt
    52. Private Equity
    53. Revenue-Based Investments
    54. Summing Up Private Debt and Private Equity
    55. Getting Started as a Private Investor
    56. Crowdfunding
    57. Female-Focused Angel Groups
    58. Private Investment Funds
    59. Take Action
    60. Endnotes
    61. Notes
    62. CHAPTER 10: Alternative Investments
    63. Alternatives Come in Many Forms
    64. REITs' Cross-Impact Categories
    65. Renewable Energy
    66. Residential and Commercial Real Estate
    67. Sustainable Agriculture
    68. Sustainable Forestry
    69. Water
    70. Some Thoughts on Due Diligence
    71. Take Action
    72. Endnotes
    73. CHAPTER 11: Maximize Your Philanthropy
    74. Develop a Personal Giving Plan
    75. Join a Giving Circle
    76. Open a Donor-Advised Fund
    77. Take Action
    78. Endnotes
    79. Note
  8. PART 3: Building a Community of Support
    1. CHAPTER 12: Professional Support
    2. When Should You Hire a Financial Advisor?
    3. What Services Can Financial Advisors Provide?
    4. Seven Attributes of a Values-Aligned Advisor
    5. Bring Impact into Your Advisor Relationships
    6. Create a Successful Relationship
    7. Take Action
    8. Endnotes
    9. CHAPTER 13: Retirement Accounts
    10. Making the Most of Your Retirement Accounts
    11. Retirement Account Models
    12. Types of Retirement Accounts
    13. Bringing Values-Aligned Investments into Your Retirement Accounts
    14. Self-Directed IRAs and Solo 401(k)s
    15. Activating Your Employer Accounts
    16. Advocating for Change Where You Work
    17. A Range of Options
    18. Take Action
    19. Endnotes
    20. CHAPTER 14: Gather Your Friends
    21. Why Women Come Together to Discuss Their Money
    22. Starting an Investment Club
    23. Using a Curriculum
    24. Take Action
    25. Endnotes
  9. Stepping into Your Financial Future
  10. Glossary
  11. Acknowledgments
    1. The Writers
    2. The Reviewers and Thought Partners
  12. About the Author
  13. Index
  14. End User License Agreement