Book Description

Learn to create Augmented Reality applications in no time using the Appcelerator Titanium Framework

  • Create an open source Augmented Reality Titanium application
  • Build an effective display of multiple points of interest
  • Learn to calculate distances between points of interest
  • Understand how to effectively and cleanly move the points of interest as the device rotates

In Detail

Titanium Mobile has quickly become the platform of choice for many mobile developers and is growing and changing at a rapid rate. From the implementation of CommonJS, Cloud Services, MVC design patterns and more, the last year in Titanium development has been a roller coaster of change for the better. Augmented Reality is a hot area for mobile applications and this book along with the augmentedTi open source application will give a great start to all augmented applications.

This book will show you how to build an Augmented Reality application, which is clean, efficient and usable. It shows how to hide the processing from the user and build a display which updates and rotates smoothly.

Mobile devices have got more powerful, but they still have limitations. Augmented Reality applications test these devices to breaking point and without the correct coding techniques make the applications unresponsive and cumbersome.

This book gives a solution, which will enable you to build an effective application, and is accompanied by a complete working application and source code. It's essential for anybody who is creating a multiple points of interest augmented reality application. It shows how to build this type of application efficiently and takes into consideration the devices limitations and processing capabilities.

Table of Contents

  1. Augmented Reality using Appcelerator Titanium Starter
    1. Table of Contents
    2. Augmented Reality using Appcelerator Titanium Starter
    3. Credits
    4. Foreword
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    7. 1. Augmented Reality using Appcelerator Titanium Starter
      1. So, what is Augmented Reality?
      2. Installation
        1. Step 1 – What do I need?
        2. Step 2 – Downloading Titanium Studio
        3. Step 3 – Apple developer account
        4. Step 4 – Google Places API
        5. Step 5 – Get augmentedTi
        6. And that's it!
      3. The application architecture
        1. An overview
        2. The application
      4. Augmented Reality
        1. The basics
        2. Device testing
        3. Getting the location
        4. Data processing
        5. Distance and direction
          1. Distance
          2. Bearing
          3. Degree
          4. Radius
          5. Sort
        6. Building the interface
          1. Radar
          2. POIs
          3. The camera view
        7. Moving the display
        8. Updating the data
          1. Height
          2. Distance
          3. Data
      5. People and places you should get to know
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        2. Articles and tutorials
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        4. Book links
    8. About the author
    9. About the reviewers
    10. Index