Book Description

In today's manufacturing environment, the integration of commercial, production, maintenance, and engineering functions is a common and crucial goal. In this timely volume, Richard G. Lamb presents a new standard within the enterprise and plant design management. Lamb shows readers how to advance the plant's role in enterprise business performance and leadership by most cost effectively achieving the mechanical availability necessary to perform in the face of current events, business cycles, and industry trends. Performance is from the designed and managed reliability and maintainability of its equipment.

Table of Contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Copyright Page
  3. Dedication
  4. Contents
  5. Preface
  6. Part 1 Definition and Value of Availability Performance
    1. Chapter 1 Definition and Goals of Availability Engineering and Management
    2. Chapter 2 Financial Ramifications of Availability Engineering and Management
  7. Part 2 The Conceptual Design Phase
    1. Chapter 3 Availability Engineering and Management and the Conceptual Design Phase
    2. Chapter 4 Preparation for Project Execution
  8. Part 3 Basic Design Phase
    1. Chapter 5 Foundations to Maintain Integrity of the Availability Scheme
    2. Chapter 6 Development of the Plant as a System of Availability Parameters
    3. Chapter 7 Develop Models to Design Profit-Effective Availability Performance
    4. Chapter 8 Analysis of Failures and Development of Maintenance Strategy
    5. Chapter 9 Analysis and Optimization of Plant Availability Performance
    6. Chapter 10 Traditional Plant Design during the Basic Design Phase
  9. Part 4 The Detailed Design Phase
    1. Chapter 11 Development of Maintenance Tasks and Procedures
    2. Chapter 12 Determination of Resource Levels for Operational Availability
    3. Chapter 13 Organization Design for Maintenance Operation Functions and Availability Management
    4. Chapter 14 Traditional Plant Design During the Detailed Design Phase
  10. Part 5 The Construction and Startup Phase
    1. Chapter 15 Construction and Planning for Startup
    2. Chapter 16 Executing Plant Startup
  11. Part 6 Commercial Operations Phase
    1. Chapter 17 Classic Cycles of Production System Management
    2. Chapter 18 Availability Management in the Strategic Processes
    3. Chapter 19 Plant Capacity Matching and Budgeting Cycles in Availability Management
    4. Chapter 20 Production Cycles and Evaluation in Availability Management
  12. Index