Two world-renowned strategists detail the seven leadership imperatives for transforming companies in the new digital era.

Digital transformation is critical. But winning in today's world requires more than digitization. It requires understanding that the nature of competitive advantage has shifted—and that being digital is not enough.

In Beyond Digital, Paul Leinwand and Matt Mani from Strategy&, PwC's global strategy consulting business, take readers inside twelve companies and how they have navigated through this monumental shift: from Philips's reinvention from a broad conglomerate to a focused health technology player, to Cleveland Clinic's engagement with its broader ecosystem to improve and expand its leading patient care to more locations around the world, to Microsoft's overhaul of its global commercial business to drive customer outcomes. Other case studies include Adobe, Citigroup, Eli Lilly, Hitachi, Honeywell, Inditex, Komatsu, STC Pay, and Titan.

Building on a major new body of research, the authors identify the seven imperatives that leaders must follow as the digital age continues to evolve:

  • Reimagine your company's place in the world
  • Embrace and create value via ecosystems
  • Build a system of privileged insights with your customers
  • Make your organization outcome-oriented
  • Invert the focus of your leadership team
  • Reinvent the social contract with your people
  • Disrupt your own leadership approach

Together, these seven imperatives comprise a playbook for how leaders can define a bolder purpose and transform their organizations.

Table of Contents

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  4. Contents
  5. 1. Shape Your Future
  6. 2. Reimagine Your Company’s Place in the World
  7. 3. Embrace and Create Value via Ecosystems
  8. 4. Build a System of Privileged Insights with Your Customers
  9. 5. Make Your Organization Outcome-Oriented
  10. 6. Invert the Focus of Your Leadership Team
  11. 7. Reinvent the Social Contract with Your People
  12. 8. Disrupt Your Own Leadership Approach
  13. 9. Accelerating Your Path to Success
  14. Appendix: Puretone Ways to Play
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