Everything you need to keep your bike in peak condition in a user-friendly e-guide. No garage or shed is complete without a dog-eared copy.

The most up-to-date bicycle maintenance guide on the market, covering all types of bicycles: road, racing, mountain, hybrid, BMX, and children's. This is the essential manual for beginners and experienced cyclists alike.

Step-by-step sequences show how to make bicycle repairs, from vital servicing to improving its performance--on and off road. Learn how to maintain every essential area, such as brakes, drivetrain, and steering, as well as complex components, including gear hubs, hydraulic brakes, and suspension forks. Detailed chapters range from showing how to set up your bike correctly and safely, and the must-have kit for successful repairs, to troubleshooters to help keep your bike in top shape.

This new edition is fully revised and updated, covering the latest bike brakes, gears and hubs, and models, and the latest technology, such as GPS trackers.

Featuring easy photographic tutorials and handy add-ons, such as a step locator and toolbox, DK's Bike Repair Manual makes bicycle repair simple for every bike owner.

Table of Contents

  1. Contents
  2. Introduction
  3. Getting to know your bike
    1. The basic bike
    2. Anatomy of the bike
    3. Bikes for general use
    4. Specialized bikes
    5. Bikes for enthusiasts
    6. Setting up a road bike
    7. Setting up an adult’s bike
    8. Setting up a child’s bike
    9. Accessorizing your bike
    10. Installing a cyclocomputer and GPS
  4. Caring for your bike
    1. Tools
    2. Workshop principles
    3. Cleaning your bike
    4. Lubricating your bike
    5. Making routine safety checks
    6. Maintenance
    7. Troubleshooting
    8. Spotting danger signs
    9. Preparing for wet weather
  5. Maintaining your drivetrain
    1. Cables, shifters, electronics
    2. How they work
    3. Drop handlebar gear cable
    4. Bar-end gear cable
    5. Straight handlebar gear cable
    6. Internal cable routing
    7. Electronic gear shifters
    8. Front and rear derailleurs
    9. How they work
    10. Front derailleur
    11. Rear derailleur
    12. Hub gears
    13. How they work
    14. Hub gear
    15. Chain, cassette, and crankset
    16. How they work
    17. Chains
    18. Fixed-gear transmission
    19. Cassette and freewheel
    20. Cranksets
    21. Bottom brackets
    22. How they work
    23. Open-bearing bottom bracket
    24. Cartridge bottom bracket
    25. External-bearing bottom bracket
    26. Press-fit bottom bracket
    27. Pedals
    28. How they work
    29. Pedal axle
    30. Clipless pedals
    31. Pedal cleats
  6. Steering and wheels
    1. Headsets
    2. How they work
    3. Threadless headset
    4. Threaded headset
    5. Handlebars
    6. Straight handlebar
    7. Drop handlebar
    8. Aero bars
    9. Hubs
    10. How they work
    11. Open-bearing hub
    12. Wheels
    13. Wheel removal
    14. Tires and tubes
    15. Spokes and rims
  7. Adjusting your brakes
    1. Rim brakes
    2. How they work
    3. Drop handlebar brake cable
    4. Straight handlebar brake cable
    5. Caliper brake
    6. V-brake
    7. Cantilever brake
    8. Hub-mounted brakes
    9. How they work
    10. Replacing disc brake pads
    11. Disc-brake care
    12. Changing brake fluid
    13. Roller-brake cable
  8. Tuning your suspension
    1. Suspension forks
    2. How they work
    3. Front suspension
    4. Lower leg service
    5. Lefty suspension
    6. Taking care of suspension forks
    7. Rear suspension
    8. How it works
    9. Rear suspension
    10. Taking care of rear suspension
  9. Glossary
  10. Index (1/2)
  11. Index (2/2)
  12. Acknowledgments