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Your practical and fearless guide to surviving the world’s biggest break-up 

Whether you’re a staunch Remainer, a buccaneering Brexiteer, or are wavering between the two camps, you’ll want to be fully au fait with all the issues surrounding Britain’s exit from the EU—wherever in the world you and your business are based. This book, by leading businessman and entrepreneur Nicholas Wallwork, will arm you with everything you need to negotiate the post-Brexit landscape and end up just where you need to be. 

Kicking off with the history behind the tightly fought June 23 referendum, Brexit for Dummies covers the origins of British Euroscepticism right up to the most recent legal and policy changes in place following the vote. As well as looking at the influence Brexit has already had—both domestically and internationally—the book takes a glimpse at what lies ahead, giving you vital insights into how to protect your business right now and to capitalize on new opportunities in the future.

  • Changing customs: how to negotiate the new import-export rules
  • Think global: how is Brexit influencing the international economy?
  • Get moving: what do immigration policy changes mean for my business?
  • Buy or sell?: make the smartest foreign investment decisions both inside and outside Britain

Love it or loathe it, Brexit has profound implications for your business, and this guide will help you stop worrying and prove that au revoir doesn’t mean goodbye for good.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Introduction
    1. About This Book
    2. Foolish Assumptions
    3. Icons Used in This Book
    4. Beyond This Book
    5. Where to Go from Here
  3. Part 1: Getting Familiar with Brexit
    1. Chapter 1: What Is Brexit and What Does It Mean for You?
      1. The Votes Are In, But How Did We Get Here?
      2. Breaking Down the Brexit Timeline
      3. Looking at the Key Elements of the Brexit Negotiations
      4. Deal or No Deal? Brexit Goes Down to the Wire
      5. How Businesses Reacted to the Brexit Decision
      6. Assessing the Potential Impact of Brexit on Your Business
    2. Chapter 2: The Road to Brexit: The UK’s Rocky Relationship with the EU
      1. From Empire to the Aftermath of World War II
      2. Flares and Friends: The UK and Europe Cozy Up in the 1970s
      3. Things (Start To) Fall Apart: The UK and Europe in the 1980s and Early 1990s
      4. Rising Euroscepticism from the 1990s Onward
      5. Right, Lads, Let’s Have a Vote
      6. Drawing the Battle Lines: Looking at the Key Issues in the Brexit Referendum
  4. Part 2: Breaking Up Is Hard to Do
    1. Chapter 3: Negotiating the UK’s Exit from the EU
      1. Understanding the Scope of the Withdrawal Agreement
      2. The A-Team? Introducing Each Side’s Negotiating Team
      3. Exploring the Draft Withdrawal Agreement
      4. Getting Parliamentary Agreement on the, er, Agreement
    2. Chapter 4: Everybody Needs Good Neighbors: Looking at Long-Term UK–EU Relations
      1. Understanding the Declaration on Future Relations and How It Differs from the Withdrawal Agreement
      2. Trading in Goods and Services in the Future
      3. Building Regulatory Cooperation between the UK and the EU
      4. Solving the Thorny Issue of Customs Arrangements
      5. Considering What “No More Free Movement” Will Mean in Practice
      6. Forming the Basis for Formal Post-Brexit Negotiations
  5. Part 3: Getting Down to Business: The Impact of Brexit on UK Companies
    1. Chapter 5: Importing and Exporting Goods and Services between the UK and the EU
      1. Looking at UK Trade around the World
      2. Understanding Big-Picture Importing and Exporting Issues
      3. Will UK Businesses Lose Access to the Single Market?
      4. Planning for Changes in UK–EU Imports and Exports
      5. And What About Services?
      6. Going Further Afield: Trading With Customers outside of the EU
    2. Chapter 6: Tackling Transport and Logistics Challenges
      1. Looking at Big-Picture Logistics Issues
      2. Preparing for More Stringent Border Controls
      3. What Happens When Your Delivery Vehicles Travel in Europe?
      4. Planning for Potential Supply Chain Disruption
      5. Transporting Goods to and from Non-EU Countries
    3. Chapter 7: Employing EU Citizens in the UK (And Vice Versa)
      1. Looking at the Big Picture: How Will Brexit Affect Employment Law?
      2. Managing the Impact on Your Existing European Employees
      3. Supporting All Your Employees through Uncertain Times
      4. Making Sure You Have Ongoing Access to the Labor You Need
      5. Employing UK Citizens in Europe
      6. What if Your (UK Citizen) Employees Need to Visit Europe on a Business Trip?
    4. Chapter 8: Eyeing Other Key Business Considerations
      1. Preparing for Changes for European Branches and Subsidiaries
      2. Safeguarding Your Intellectual Property: Copyright, Trademarks, Designs, and Patents
      3. Continuing to Comply with Environmental Standards
      4. Maintaining Product Safety Standards
      5. Keeping Up with Other Legal and Regulatory Changes
      6. What to Do If You Have a .eu Domain Name for Your Company Website
      7. GDPR and Managing the Personal Data of EU Citizens
      8. Reviewing Your Business Contracts
    5. Chapter 9: Carrying Out a Brexit Impact Assessment for Your Business
      1. Assessing the Impact on Your Workforce
      2. Considering the Impact on Trade and Logistics
      3. Looking at the Money Side of Things
      4. Bringing Standards, Licensing, and Qualifications Up to Date
      5. Assessing IT and Data Implications
      6. Covering Miscellaneous Considerations
      7. Making Sure You Have a Contingency Plan
  6. Part 4: The Part of Tens
    1. Chapter 10: Ten (Or So) Ways to Protect Your Business against Brexit Uncertainty
      1. Doing a Brexit Impact Assessment
      2. Working with a “Dream Team” of Experts
      3. Staying in the Loop on Brexit Developments
      4. Engaging with Government Support and Business Resources
      5. Keeping Your Foot On the Gas
      6. Diversifying and Creating Multiple Streams of Income
      7. Keeping Staff Engaged and Motivated
      8. Communicating with Your Customers
      9. Communicating with Your Suppliers
    2. Chapter 11: Ten (Or So) Business Opportunities for a Post-Brexit World
      1. Exploring New Markets Beyond the EU
      2. Growing Domestic Demand for Products and Services
      3. Capitalizing on Reduced Regulation
      4. Solving Your Customers’ Brexit-Related Problems
      5. Building Your Personal Reputation as a Leader in Your Industry
      6. Automating Business Processes
      7. Seeking Investment from Overseas Investors
      8. Picking Up Business from Companies That Have Left the UK
      9. Capitalizing on Homegrown Support for British Businesses
    3. Chapter 12: Ten Brexit Developments to Keep an Eye On
      1. The Transition Period
      2. Trade Negotiations with the EU and Beyond
      3. The Irish Border
      4. Scottish Independence
      5. Repatriation of UK/EU Laws to Westminster and Devolved Parliaments
      6. Will Companies Pull Out of the UK?
      7. The Changing Political Landscape in Britain
      8. Workforce Pressures Affecting the Public and Private Sectors
      9. The Impact on Currency and Financial Markets
      10. Accessing Helpful Resources to Help You Stay Up to Date
  7. Index
  8. About the Author
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