Book Description

How do executives make decisions? Are their decisions conscious or unconscious? Can they explain each decision they make? What tools can they use to improve their decision-making process? These are some of the questions this book addresses.

During the past 35 years, as an entrepreneur and senior executive of several medium-sized Canadian hi-tech businesses, the author noticed that his decision-making processes were often based either on experience or on advice received from colleagues. Seldom were the decisions based on formal or informal academic-based methods.

There is no substitute for years of experience in any human endeavor. However, tapping into some of the methods and lessons learned from personal experience can result in useful principles for others to follow. These principles are very useful, especially for entrepreneurs interested in building their businesses or executives looking for some additional help in acquiring a better decision-making mousetrap.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Contents
  5. Introduction
  6. Prologue
  7. Chapter 1 What Are Heuristics?
  8. Chapter 2 How Do Business Executives Make Decisions?
  9. Chapter 3 When You Do Not Decide, You Have Decided
  10. Chapter 4 Why Technology Is Not Important—Or Is It?
  11. Chapter 5 Experience Counts
  12. Chapter 6 Learn from Your Failures
  13. Chapter 7 Personal Presence Management
  14. Chapter 8 Safety First
  15. Chapter 9 People Count
  16. Chapter 10 Quality Is Free
  17. Chapter 11 Believe in Numbers—But Not Too Much
  18. Chapter 12 The Customer Is Always Right
  19. Chapter 13 If It Ain’t Broken, Break It
  20. Chapter 14 Managing Errors
  21. Chapter 15 The Dog Ate My Shipment
  22. Chapter 16 Let Go of the Banana
  23. Chapter 17 Everybody Knows the Future
  24. Chapter 18 Complexity Is Out—Simplicity Is In
  25. Chapter 19 Meaningless Choices
  26. Chapter 20 The Bank Manager Is Not Your Friend
  27. Chapter 21 The Government Can Help
  28. Chapter 22 Do Not Quit Your Day Job
  29. Chapter 23 Freedom 55: Myth or Reality?
  30. Notes
  31. About the Author
  32. Index