Book Description

A large part of what makes a DevOps initiative successful is getting people to work together more effectively than they did previously. In this lesson, you’ll learn how to build communicative relationships, shared goals and empathy for a more effective, collaborative work culture.

Table of Contents

  1. Collaboration: Individuals Working Together
    1. Sparkle Corp Weekly Planning Meeting
    2. Defining Collaboration
    3. Individual Differences and Backgrounds
      1. Professional Backgrounds
      2. Personal Backgrounds
      3. Goals
      4. Cognitive Styles
    4. Opportunities for Competitive Advantage
    5. Mentorship
      1. Senior-to-Junior Mentoring
      2. Senior-to-Senior Mentoring
      3. Junior-to-Senior Mentoring
      4. Junior-to-Junior Mentoring
    6. Introducing Mindsets
      1. Cultivating the Right Mindset
      2. Fixed Mindset
      3. Growth Mindset
      4. Focus on Individual Growth
    7. Mindsets and Learning Organizations
    8. The Role of Feedback
    9. Reviews and Rankings
      1. Frequency of Feedback
      2. Ranking System
      3. The Problems with Rock Stars and Superflocks
      4. The Value of Social Capital to a Team
    10. Communication and Conflict Resolution Styles
      1. Effective Communication
      2. How We Communicate
      3. Communication Context and Power Differentials
    11. Empathy and Trust
      1. Developing Empathy
      2. Developing Trust
    12. Humane Staffing and Resources
      1. Availability and Maintenance
      2. Work–Life Balance
      3. Team Size Considerations
    13. Effective Collaboration with Sparkle Corp
    14. Summary