Book Description

Whatever you’re creative agenda is, use this book to instantly generate new ideas. Attractive and easy-to-use, Creativity Now provides an instant source of inspiration for times when creative stimulation runs dry.


This updated edition is packed full of innovative exercises, tips, tricks, stories and inspirational examples. You will find out how to unleash endless streams of ideas on any topic and turn them into a success.


Both creative in content and format, each page has been designed to give you an instant jolt of inspiration the moment you look inside.


Divided into four parts, you will find help with:

1) Dreaming - getting into the state of mind to invite new ideas.

2) Originating - different ways to come up with new, exciting and innovative ideas on any topic.

3) Applying - taking action and turning ideas into reality.

3) Adapting - how others successfully realised their dream.


Bonus materials, including audio and video tips are available at www.CreativityNowOnline.com

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title page
  3. Dedication
  4. Contents
  5. Creative Success Manifesto
  6. 1 dreaming
    1. Go for Baroque
    2. Go away
    3. Remember how to play
    4. Why? What? When? Where? How?
    5. Create your space
    6. Get the right stuff
    7. Be a streetcomber
    8. Get physical!
    9. Lose your limited thinking
    10. You are not under arrest!
    11. Make up a story
    12. Go fishing with Edison
    13. Use a mind machine
    14. Find a mentor
    15. Dare to daydream
    16. Record your night dreams
    17. Transform your inner critic
    18. Go back to pen and paper
    19. Stuff your head with facts
    20. Take a nap
    21. Keep a swipe file
    22. Balance your brain
    23. Feed your brain
    24. Create a goals board
    25. Join the League of Adventurers
  7. 2 originating
    1. Follow the four brainstorming guidelines
    2. Ask the ignorant
    3. Try the opposite
    4. Do a future interview
    5. Force a word association
    6. When you have a good idea – keep going!
    7. Start with the end
    8. Apply your why, who, what, where and when questions
    9. Have a Trendstorming session
    10. Use mind maps
    11. Try Freewriting
    12. Challenge all assumptions
    13. Imagine someone else’s solution
    14. Vary the attributes
    15. Teach your problem
    16. Make 1 + 1 equal 3
    17. Summon your Originator alter ego
    18. Combine
    19. Learn from nature
    20. Match your interests and your skills
    21. Fish in a different pond
    22. Repurpose
    23. Steal their methods
    24. Eliminate creative blocks
    25. Believe in goosebumps
  8. 3 applying
    1. Summon your Action Man or Woman alter ego
    2. Create an action map
    3. To get, ask
    4. Give them a taste
    5. To sell, pre-sell
    6. Use OPM
    7. Declare a MAD
    8. Use the Pareto Principle
    9. Test a prototype
    10. Piggyback
    11. Outsource
    12. Keep an Ideas Box
    13. Create a loyalty card
    14. Give it a personality
    15. Keep it simple
    16. Ready, fire, aim!
    17. Look for the quirk
    18. Have a Plan B
    19. Make a not-to-do list
    20. Embrace procrastination
    21. Be the staff
    22. Chunk and micro-chunk
    23. Use timepods
    24. Use the Einstein levels
    25. Putting it all together
  9. 4 adapting
    1. They became successful writers
    2. His little lessons changed his life – and many others’, too
    3. They got money from the crowd
    4. Her gift made her rich
    5. The real experts led them to success
    6. Word of mouth took it from free to famous
    7. A change of location made dinner profitable
    8. They’re winning breakthrough ideas
    9. He combined two trends and created a third
    10. They found customers who weren’t being served
    11. He deals with dirt – and cleans up
    12. They keep your memory alive after you’re not
    13. This time it’s personal
    14. He’s playing by the (biggest) book
    15. They made travel less taxing
    16. They got people hooked
    17. She changed the medium and they got the message
    18. She went back to the future
    19. She went from ‘vs’ to ‘and’
    20. He unlocked his creativity
    21. He took a risk for Sin
    22. They took half measures to promote safety
    23. She went from Mum to money
    24. She made the numbers add up
    25. She put others first
  10. afterword
  11. about the author
  12. acknowledgements
  13. Index
  14. Imprint