Book Description

Adapt your career as a database administrator to the changing industry. Learn where the growth and demand for DBA talent are occurring and how to enhance your skill set. Creating databases, providing access, and controlling data are no longer the focus. What matters now is managing and monitoring the systems that provide access to users of the data.

This book will help you formulate a plan for development and change to remain valuable in the face of radical new developments around cloud computing, containerized databases, and automation of routine tasks. The playing field is shifting rapidly with the development of technologies and software enhancements that automate and even eliminate many traditional aspects of the DBA job. 

DBA Transformation helps you redirect your attention and skills as a DBA to areas such as design and development of the containers and cloud environments on which automation depends. You will be encouraged to build soft skills as well as to focus on technical pain points such as data security that are of even greater importance now that so much corporate data is in cloud-based systems that are accessible from the Internet at large. 

What You'll Learn
  • Embrace and profit from rapid shifts in the database industry
  • Recognize where growth and demand for talent are occurring¬†
  • Create a personal transformation plan to help you navigate the changes
  • Pivot your career toward more interesting skills and responsibilities
Who This Books Is For

Working database professionals who are interested in keeping their careers relevant as well as building their careers and making them stronger in the face of dramatic changes that are being driven by trends toward cloud computing and containerization

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Frontmatter
  3. 1. Types of DBAs
  4. 2. The Set of Skills
  5. 3. The Future State of Databases
  6. 4. The Database Machine Administrator (DMA)
  7. 5. Cloud Database Administration
  8. 6. Database Security
  9. 7. Data Professionals
  10. 8. The Art of Automation
  11. 9. Change and Cloud Therapy
  12. 10. Creating a Transformation Plan
  13. Backmatter