Book Description

What does a DevOps culture mean practically for your organization? Get a feel for what successful DevOps implementation looks like by learning real world definitions, anti-patterns to avoid, and the four essential elements of effective DevOps.

Table of Contents

  1. What Is DevOps?
    1. A Prescription for Culture
    2. The DevOps Equation
      1. DevOps as Folk Model
      2. The Old View and the New View
      3. The DevOps Compact
  2. DevOps Misconceptions and Anti-Patterns
    1. Common DevOps Misconceptions
      1. DevOps Only Involves Developers and System Administrators
      2. DevOps Is a Team
      3. DevOps Is a Job Title
      4. DevOps Is Relevant Only to Web Startups
      5. You Need a DevOps Certification
      6. DevOps Means Doing All the Work with Half the People
      7. There Is One “Right Way” (or “Wrong Way”) to Do DevOps
      8. It Will Take X Weeks/Months to Implement DevOps
      9. DevOps Is All About the Tools
      10. DevOps Is About Automation
      11. DevOps Is a Fad
    2. DevOps Anti-Patterns
      1. Blame Culture
      2. Silos
      3. Root Cause Analysis
      4. Human Error
    3. Summary
  3. The Four Pillars of Effective DevOps
    1. Collaboration
    2. Affinity
    3. Tools
    4. Scaling
    5. Summary