Book Description

Essential principles, practical examples, current applications, and leading-edge research.

In this book, Thomas F. Quatieri presents the field's most intensive, up-to-date tutorial and reference on discrete-time speech signal processing. Building on his MIT graduate course, he introduces key principles, essential applications, and state-of-the-art research, and he identifies limitations that point the way to new research opportunities.

Quatieri provides an excellent balance of theory and application, beginning with a complete framework for understanding discrete-time speech signal processing. Along the way, he presents important advances never before covered in a speech signal processing text book, including sinusoidal speech processing, advanced time-frequency analysis, and nonlinear aeroacoustic speech production modeling. Coverage includes:

  • Speech production and speech perception: a dual view

  • Crucial distinctions between stochastic and deterministic problems

  • Pole-zero speech models

  • Homomorphic signal processing

  • Short-time Fourier transform analysis/synthesis

  • Filter-bank and wavelet analysis/synthesis

  • Nonlinear measurement and modeling techniques

  • The book's in-depth applications coverage includes speech coding, enhancement, and modification; speaker recognition; noise reduction; signal restoration; dynamic range compression, and more. Principles of Discrete-Time Speech Processing also contains an exceptionally complete series of examples and Matlab exercises, all carefully integrated into the book's coverage of theory and applications.

    Table of Contents

    1. Title Page
    2. Copyright Page
    3. Contents
    4. Foreword
    5. Preface
    6. 1 Introduction
    7. 2 A Discrete-Time Signal Processing Framework
    8. 3 Production and Classification of Speech Sounds
    9. 4 Acoustics of Speech Production
    10. 5 Analysis and Synthesis of Pole-Zero Speech Models
    11. 6 Homomorphic Signal Processing
    12. 7 Short-Time Fourier Transform Analysis and Synthesis
    13. 8 Filter-Bank Analysis/Synthesis
    14. 9 Sinusoidal Analysis/Synthesis
    15. 10 Frequency-Domain Pitch Estimation
    16. 11 Nonlinear Measurement and Modeling Techniques
    17. 12 Speech Coding
    18. 13 Speech Enhancement
    19. 14 Speaker Recognition
    20. About the Author
    21. Glossary
    22. Index