Book Description

“Everyone in a hospital leadership role should read this book as it offers a wealth of practical advice for organizations intent on improving their clinical care delivery.”
—Amy C. Edmondson, professor, Harvard Business School, and author of The Fearless Organization

All Americans deserve and should have access to high quality, affordable healthcare services delivered by professionals who have sufficient time and resources to care for them. This book offers proven and practical approaches for redesigning healthcare organizations to be less fragmented—and more patient-centered—by tapping into the experiences of staff on the front lines of patient care.

Peter Lazes and Marie Rudden show how collaboration and active communication among administrators, medical staff, and patients are a core element of a successful organizational change effort. Through case studies and the direct voices and experiences of frontline workers, they explore exactly what it takes to effectively engage staff and providers in improving the patient care shortcomings within their institutions.

This book not only is a manual detailing what can be achieved when frontline staff have a direct voice in controlling their practice environments but was written to show how to accomplish transformative changes in how our hospitals and outpatient clinics work. At a time when the massive gaps in our healthcare systems have been laid bare by the fragmented responses to the COVID-19 pandemic, this book offers hope and a plan for change.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Dedication
  5. Contents
  6. Foreword by Mitchell H. Katz, MD
  7. Introduction: Uprising
  8. Part One Background
    1. Chapter 1 The Evolution and Value of Labor-Management Partnerships
    2. Chapter 2 European Employee Involvement Practices
  9. Part Two Best Practices
    1. Chapter 3 Core Practices of Successful Labor-Management Partnerships
    2. Chapter 4 Team Structures for Frontline Staff Participation
    3. Chapter 5 Challenges in Labor-Management Work Groups
    4. Chapter 6 Union-Driven Innovations
  10. Part Three The Future
    1. Chapter 7 Future Approaches for Labor-Management Partnerships
    2. Chapter 8 Analyzing Value, Preventing Failures
  11. Epilogue: A Call for Collective Action
  12. Notes
  13. References
  14. Acknowledgments
  15. Index
  16. About the Authors