Build professional, cloud-ready web applications from frontend to backend using the latest features of Django and React

Key Features

  • Explore the advanced features of – popular frameworks like Django and React by working on hands-on projects
  • Launch your career as a full-stack Python web developer with this step-by-step guide
  • Learn to deploy complete web applications to AWS

Book Description

Django developers often need to rely on frontend developers to build a client-side solution for their web apps. By combining the capabilities of React with Django, this book creates a complete learning path to go from being a backend developer to a full stack developer in no time. This book will help you use React to build state-of-the-art UI layouts and Django to create an immaculate backend.

This web development book will help you discover the full potential of combining the dual power of the two most popular frameworks – React and Django. You'll build full stack applications, including a RESTful API in the backend and an intuitive frontend, while exploring the advanced features of both frameworks. You'll also explore how the dynamic functionality of the React framework can be used to build your frontend systems and how the ORM layer of Django helps in simplifying database interactions. This will in turn boost the development process for building the backend and facilitate the building of full stack applications.

By the end of the book, you will be able to create a dynamic full stack app starting from scratch on your own.

What you will learn

  • Explore how things work differently under the hood in the frontend as well as the backend
  • Discover how to build an API with Django
  • Start from scratch to build an intuitive UI using React's capabilities
  • Dockerize and prepare projects for deployment
  • Deploy an API and UI using AWS services such as AWS EC2, S3, and AWS Cloudfront

Who this book is for

This book is for Django web developers who want to get started with full-stack development and learn a frontend framework that can be quickly bootstrapped with the backend to build full-stack applications. Familiarity to React and JavaScript would be an added advantage.

Table of Contents

  1. Full Stack Django and React
  2. Contributors
  3. About the author
  4. About the reviewers
  5. Preface
  6. Part 1: Technical Background
  7. Chapter 1: Creating a Django Project
  8. Chapter 2: Authentication and Authorization using JWTs
  9. Chapter 3: Social Media Post Management
  10. Chapter 4: Adding Comments to Social Media Posts
  11. Chapter 5: Testing the REST API
  12. Part 2: Building a Reactive UI with React
  13. Chapter 6: Creating a Project with React
  14. Chapter 7: Building Login and Registration Forms
  15. Chapter 8: Social Media Posts
  16. Chapter 9: Post Comments
  17. Chapter 10: User Profiles
  18. Chapter 11: Effective UI Testing for React Components
  19. Part 3: Deploying Django and React on AWS
  20. Chapter 12: Deployment Basics – Git, GitHub, and AWS
  21. Chapter 13: Dockerizing the Django Project
  22. Chapter 14: Automating Deployment on AWS
  23. Chapter 15: Deploying Our React App on AWS
  24. Chapter 16: Performance, Optimization, and Security
  25. Appendix
  26. Answers
  27. Index
  28. Other Books You May Enjoy