Learn the skills and solutions required to secure your Mac's operating system, the underlying hardware, and allow users to get work done safely. This book will  show you how to create a Mac that’s made of steel and won’t buckle when attacked!

Ok, there’s no such thing as unhackable. No magic tool or silver bullet will eliminate risk in all forms. Security is an ongoing journey – not a simple action or software application. And that is exactly what you’ll learn to master—the foundational knowledge, skills, and mindset to holistically protect Macs. Regardless of whether it’s your personal iMac or a fleet of MacBook Pro’s assigned to the remote employees within your organization, you’ll be able to limit access while identifying and mitigating risk unique to your environment.

In addition to the information security best practices pertaining to protecting Apple computers, you’ll pivot to a coherent, security-focused mindset to better understand macOS-specific security. You’ll learn how it works and what tools and software are available to help. Both native and 3rd-party tool are covered. Safe guard your system’s privacy data and capitalize on effectively locking down the security of your Mac computers against known threats and newer trends that continue to evolve.

Hardening Your Macs is the perfect roadmap to stopping malicious attacks and bad actors from spying on users through cameras, microphones, and other built-in tools that could potentially be used against users and organizations alike. 

What You'll Learn

  • Grasp the mindset of attackers—how they plan and execute malicious incursions
  • Implement hardware solutions as well as software safeguards
  • Take advantage of Apple's built-in macOS security features in addition to 3rd party tools
  • Avoid attacks on your system that could compromise sensitive corporate data and personally identifiable information 

Who This Book Is For

IT admins responsible for managing Mac device security. Additionally users of Apple products that may have some experience using the platform in general but are not versed in security, as well as, those switching from Windows platforms will find useful information here. And anyone that wishes to expand their information security skills and/or develop a security-focused mindset to better protect their personal information and privacy data from the numerous and growing threats in the wild, such as malware and phishing.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Front Matter
  3. Part I. Understanding Security
  4. Part II. Welcome to the Rock
  5. Part III. The Spoon Does Not Bend – Only Yourself
  6. Back Matter