Explore tools, techniques, and practices to remove performance bottlenecks and enhance the stability of your Laravel and PHP web applications

Key Features

  • Get a complete view of what it takes to design and build a high-performing application with Octane
  • Reuse objects across requests and execute application logic asynchronously
  • Learn key elements to design and build a performance-optimized and production-ready application

Book Description

Laravel Octane is a very powerful component in the Laravel ecosystem that can help you achieve remarkable app performance. With Laravel Octane, you will find tools (queues, cache, and tables) that facilitate a new asynchronous approach for improving application performance.

This book highlights how Laravel Octane works, what steps to take in designing an application from the start, what tools you have at your disposal, and how to set up production environments. It provides complete coverage of the strategies, tools, and best practices to make your apps scalable and performant. This is especially important as optimization is usually the overlooked part in the application development lifecycle. You will explore the asynchronous approach in Laravel and be able to release high-performing applications that have a positive impact on the end-user experience.

By the end of this book, you will find yourself designing, developing, and releasing high-performance applications.

What you will learn

  • Understand the dynamics of the request life cycle in a classic Laravel application
  • Explore possibilities with OpenSwoole and Roadrunner and choose the best solution for your application
  • Analyze the potential bottlenecks of a classic web application
  • Configure Laravel Octane with Roadrunner and OpenSwoole
  • Implement functionality using asynchronous mechanisms and run tasks in parallel in the Laravel app
  • Prepare the production environment to host Laravel Octane and its dependencies
  • Understand the pros and cons of applying potential enhancements to your Laravel app

Who this book is for

The book is for existing Laravel developers who want to improve their software architecture, from a basic or standard architecture to a more scalable and performant one. Basic knowledge of Laravel fundamentals is required.

Table of Contents

  1. High Performance with Laravel Octane
  2. Contributors
  3. About the author
  4. About the reviewers
  5. Preface
  6. Part 1: The Architecture
  7. Chapter 1: Understanding the Laravel Web Application Architecture
  8. Part 2: The Application Server
  9. Chapter 2: Configuring the RoadRunner Application Server
  10. Chapter 3: Configuring the Swoole Application Server
  11. Part 3: Laravel Octane – a Complete Tour
  12. Chapter 4: Building a Laravel Octane Application
  13. Chapter 5: Reducing Latency and Managing Data with an Asynchronous Approach
  14. Part 4: Speeding Up
  15. Chapter 6: Using Queues to Apply the Asynchronous Approach in Your Application
  16. Chapter 7: Configuring the Laravel Octane Application for the Production Environment
  17. Index
  18. Other Books You May Enjoy