Hybrid P3M: Processes in Optimized, Mature Environments is an advanced technical book for hybrid project and program management. It is a complete methodology covering both processes as well as principles, according to a sound meta-model. Essentially, it combines the benefits of predictive and agile delivery and it aligns with the Projects with Learning Outcomes (ProwLO) methodology introduced in Knowledge Management for Project Excellence, by Lukasz Rosinski.

It also aligns with the PRINCE2 method, and provides an alternative for PRINCE2-Agile, combining traditional control and flexible agile traditions. It is a holistic method, addressing Project, Program, Portfolio Management (P3M) interfaces and topics such as leadership. Based on HybridP3M’s process model, derived from common enterprise project functions (such as project planning) functional achievement is recommended and feasible.

Each HybridP3M process is analyzed according to unique process aspects. Furthermore, a new maturity framework is introduced called MAIDEO. At the end of every process chapter requirements are provided for different maturity levels. The specific benefits of the HybridP3M methodology include:

  • eases the burden on project managers thanks to joint process responsibility,
  • controlled environments thanks to traditional management,
  • change responsive agile delivery process,
  • pathway to optimized and mature organizations,
  • functional P3M achievement thanks to functional processes.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Half-Title Page
  3. Title Page
  4. Copyright
  5. Description
  6. Contents
  7. Acknowledgments
  8. Introduction
  9. Chapter 1 Introduction to Processes
  10. Chapter 2 Method Foundation
  11. Chapter 3 Defining the Project/Program
  12. Chapter 4 Integrating Knowledge Management
  13. Chapter 5 Planning
  14. Chapter 6 Risk Management
  15. Chapter 7 Business Case Development
  16. Chapter 8 Realizing Benefits
  17. Chapter 9 Monitoring and Control
  18. Chapter 10 Managing Stakeholder Expectations
  19. Chapter 11 Managing Requirements
  20. Chapter 12 Evaluating the Project or Program
  21. Chapter 13 Leading the Project or Program
  22. Chapter 14 Project/Program Establishment
  23. Chapter 15 Providing Assurance
  24. Chapter 16 Agile Product Delivery
  25. Conclusion
  26. Appendix: Cases-Method
  27. References
  28. About the Author
  29. Index
  30. Backcover