Book Description

* The V.A.S.S.T. Instant Series features a visually oriented, step-by-step instructional style that effectively guides readers through complex processes. * Surround sound is rapidly displacing stereophonic sound as the accepted standard. * This low-price-point book is an easy buy to provide the reader a foundation in the technology that will serve them regardless of the software they chose. Instant Surround Sound demystifies the multichannel process for both musical and visual environments. This comprehensive resource teaches techniques for mixing and encoding for surround sound. It is packed with tips and tricks that help the reader to avoid the most common (and uncommon) pitfalls. This is the fifth title in the new V.A.S.S.T. Instant Series.

Music and visual producers can enhance the listening experience and engage their audience more effectively with the improved perceptive involvement of surround sound.

Record, process, and deliver effective and stunning surround sound to your listener with the aid of this guide. Packed with useful, accessible information for novice and experienced users alike, you get carefully detailed screenshots, step-by-step directions, and creative suggestions for producing better audio projects.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright
  4. Dedication
  5. Acknowledgments
  6. Contents
  7. Foreword
  8. Introduction
  9. Surround History 101
    1. Numeric Roots
    2. Matrix or Discrete
    3. The AC-3 Thang
    4. DTS Coherent Acoustics Audio
    5. Delivering Surround
  10. Recording Surround
    1. Recording Chain
    2. A Little About Mics
    3. Pick-Up Patterns
    4. Boosting and Recording the Signal
    5. Mono and Stereo Microphone Techniques
    6. Localization vs. Space
    7. Surround Micing Techniques
  11. Up and Running
    1. Computer Hardware and Software
    2. Control Devices
    3. Soundcard Options
    4. Audio Monitors
    5. Basic Audio Studio Setup
    6. Precise Speaker Placement
    7. Calibration Gear
    8. Calibrating Speakers
    9. TV and Film Calibration Notes
  12. Software Tools
    1. Multitracking
    2. Soundcard Properties
    3. Project Properties
    4. Generic Functions
    5. Automation
  13. Bass Management, Center Channel, and Downmix
    1. LFE and Subwoofer
    2. Bass Management
    3. LFE and Content
    4. Center Caveats
    5. Phantom Ghosts
    6. Exit Sign Effect
    7. Downmix Nixes
    8. Surround Downmix Issues
    9. Separate 5.1 and Stereo Is Best
  14. Music Surround Mixing Tips
    1. The Rules
    2. The Case Against Surround Upmixing
    3. Correlated vs. Decorrelated
    4. Using Surround Recordings
    5. Before You Mix
    6. Surround-izing
    7. In Their Face
    8. Vocals
    9. Drums
    10. Bass
    11. Rhythm Instruments
    12. Lead Instruments
    13. Ear Candy
    14. Dynamic Panning
    15. Multitrack Music Mixing in Action
  15. Audio Post Surround Mixing Techniques
    1. Crafting the Killer Soundtrack
    2. Soundtrack Elements Include:
    3. Sound Resources
    4. Sound Effects Libraries:
    5. Production Music Libraries:
    6. Voice Rules!
    7. Sound Effects and Foley
    8. Backgrounds
    9. World-izing
    10. Music
    11. DM&E
    12. Final Sweetening
    13. Audio Post Mixing
    14. Making 5.1 Music with ACID
  16. Export and Encode Options
    1. Export to Multiple Files
    2. DM&E Considerations
    3. Dolby Digital AC-3 Metadata
    4. AC-3 Audio Service Configuration
    5. Bitstream lnformation
    6. Extended Bitstream
    7. Preprocessing
    8. Dialog Normalization
    9. Dynamic Range Compression
    10. DTS
    11. Windows Media 9
    12. Testing the Encode
  17. Conclusion
  18. Glossary