The latest on getting the most from laptops and tablets 

Not that long ago, laptops were seen as luxuries. Now they’re practically an essential for many people, and—as faster computing power and super-sharp displays make many of them the equal of a desktop—the new wave of lightweight laptops is increasingly replacing the home PC with its bulky tower and multiple cords. Plus, you can use your laptop when chilling on the couch or venturing out for a quick coffee! 

In this fully updated edition of Laptops For Dummies, bestselling tech writer Dan Gookin takes a friendly walk through everything you need to know, from the basics (if you’re new to laptops) all the way up to the latest hardware and tech updates—including the recent release of Windows 10. Along the way you’ll learn how to synchronize your laptop with other machines, coordinate email pickup across devices, and beef up your security. You’ll also learn how to 

  • Choose the right laptop 
  • Check out tablet options 
  • Troubleshoot problems 
  • Maintain and upgrade 

Whether you’re choosing a new laptop or want to maximize what you’re getting from the one you have, Laptops For Dummies has you covered, wherever you want to work—or play!  

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright
  4. Introduction
    1. About This Book
    2. And Just Who Are You?
    3. Icons Used in This Book
    4. Where to Go from Here
  5. Part 1: This Laptop Thing
    1. Chapter 1: The Portable Computing Quest
    2. The History of Portable Computing
    3. Modern Laptops
    4. Chapter 2: A Laptop of Your Own
    5. Do You Need a Laptop?
    6. Laptop Shopping
    7. Software for Your Laptop
    8. Laptop Hardware Buying Decisions
    9. Service, Support, and Warranty
    10. The Final Step: Buying Your Laptop
  6. Part 2: Say Hello to Your Laptop
    1. Chapter 3: From Laptop Box to Lap
    2. Laptop Box 101
    3. Set Up Your Laptop
    4. Bye-Bye, Old Laptop
    5. What to Do Next
    6. Chapter 4: To Turn On a Laptop
    7. Turn On Your Laptop
    8. It’s Windows!
    9. What’s Next?
    10. Chapter 5: To Turn Off a Laptop
    11. End Your Laptop Day
    12. Shutdown Options and Configuration
    13. Chapter 6: Traditional Laptop Tour
    14. Around Your Laptop
    15. The Pluggable-Innable Holes
    16. Look at the Pretty Lights!
    17. This Isn't Your Daddy's Keyboard
    18. This Isn't Your Momma's Mouse
    19. Chapter 7: The Tablet PC Tour
    20. Tablet PC Types
    21. The Tablet PC Tour
    22. The Pen Is Mightier than the Mouse
    23. Touchscreen Text Typing
    24. Windows Does the Tablet PC
    25. Special Tablet PC Software
    26. Chapter 8: Your Laptop and Windows
    27. The Big Windows Picture
    28. Windows and Your Stuff
    29. Settings and Options
  7. Part 3: Out and About with Mr. Laptop
    1. Chapter 9: You and Your Laptop
    2. User Accounts
    3. The Perfect Display
    4. Removable Storage
    5. The Software Side
    6. Chapter 10: Portable Power
    7. The Battery Will Get a Charge Out of This!
    8. When the Power Gets Low
    9. Chapter 11: The Printing Chapter
    10. The Great Printer Hunt
    11. Something Needs Printing
    12. A Portable Printer for Your Laptop
    13. Chapter 12: Expanding Your Laptop's Universe
    14. USB Expansion Options
    15. The Bluetooth Thing
    16. The Laptop Becomes a Desktop
    17. Chapter 13: O the Places You’ll Go
    18. In the Bag
    19. Flying with Mr. Laptop
    20. Café Computing
    21. In a Hotel Room
    22. Mind the Laptop's Temperature
    23. Chapter 14: Presentation Information
    24. The Show Must Go On
    25. To Create a Better Slide Show
    26. Chapter 15: A Laptop at Play
    27. The Laptop Media Player
    28. Expand the Laptop’s Media Universe
    29. Media Sharing
    30. Laptop Phone Calls
    31. eBooks on Your Laptop
  8. Part 4: Laptop Networking
    1. Chapter 16: The Networking Thing
    2. The Big Networking Picture
    3. Make the Network Connection
    4. Break the Network Connection
    5. Chapter 17: Network Life in Laptop Land
    6. Network Configuration
    7. Your Laptop, Windows, and the Network
    8. Chapter 18: Your Files from Afar
    9. Files from Here to There
    10. Cloud Storage Synchronization
  9. Part 5: Security and Maintenance
    1. Chapter 19: Internet Safety
    2. Security Central
    3. Keep Windows Up-to-Date
    4. The Malware Scourge
    5. Behind the Firewall
    6. Safe and Private Browsing
    7. Location Information
    8. General Security Settings
    9. Chapter 20: A More Secure Laptop
    10. The Hot Laptop
    11. Before Your Laptop Is Stolen
    12. Protect Your Data with a Strong Password
    13. Back Up Your Data
    14. The Laptop Reset
    15. Chapter 21: Laptop Troubleshooting
    16. The Universal Quick-Fix
    17. The Windows Troubleshooter
    18. Restore the System
    19. Common Problems and Solutions
    20. Chapter 22: Laptop Maintenance and Upgrading
    21. New Laptop Hardware
    22. How ’bout Some New Software?
    23. Laptop Maintenance
  10. Part 6: The Part of Tens
    1. Chapter 23: Ten Battery Tips and Tricks
    2. Don't Drop the Battery, Get It Wet, Short It, Play Keep-Away with It, Open It, Burn It, or Throw It Away
    3. Reduce the Screen’s Brightness
    4. Power Down the Hard Drive
    5. Add RAM to Prevent Virtual Memory Disk Swapping
    6. Keep Memory Empty
    7. Guard the Battery's Terminals
    8. Avoid Extreme Temperatures
    9. Store the Battery if You Don't Plan to Use It
    10. Understand That Batteries Drain Over Time!
    11. Deal with the Low-Battery Warning
    12. Chapter 24: Ten Handy Laptop Accessories
    13. Laptop Bag or Travel Case
    14. Spare Battery
    15. External Storage
    16. Cooling Pad
    17. Minivac
    18. USB Lamp
    19. Full-Size Keyboard and External Mouse
    20. Privacy Screen Filter
    21. ID Card or Return Service Sticker
    22. Theft-Prevention System
    23. Chapter 25: Ten Things to Throw in Your Laptop Bag
    24. Power Cord and Brick
    25. Spare Battery
    26. Mouse or Digital Pen
    27. Screen Wipes and Cleaner
    28. Laptop Lock
    29. Removable Media
    30. Headphones
    31. Office Supplies
    32. Cables, Cables, Cables
    33. Not the End of the List
  11. Index
  12. About the Author
  13. Advertisement Page
  14. Connect with Dummies
  15. End User License Agreement