Book Description

Create web-based VR applications and deploy them to GitHub pages with this short, practical tutorial crammed with hands-on examples. This book covers topics such as VR, the WebVR API, and A-Frame. In Learning Web-based Virtual Reality, you will build a number of 3D VR-based applications. In these apps, you will be able to test the VR environments, walk through the virtual world, interact with the objects, and perceive these virtual realities with the help of Google Cardboard. 

By the end of the book, you will have a complete understanding of what WebVR is, knowledge of what VR devices are available, and the requirements to start working on WebVR. You will also be comfortable in using A-Frame and its various components to build your own VR projects.

What You Will Learn
  • Experience WebVR, the WebVR API, and WebVR libraries
  • Make use of various pieces of VR hardware
  • See popular WebVR projects
  • Use A-Frame to build your own WebVR projects

Who This Book Is For

Developers who want to build and deploy web-based virtual reality technology. Understanding of HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS is required.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Frontmatter
  3. 1. Introduction to VR and WebVR
  4. 2. Bringing VR to the Web and WebVR Frameworks
  5. 3. Setting Up Your VR Lab and Popular WebVR Projects
  6. 4. Introduction to A-Frame
  7. 5. From “Hello, World” to a VR Content Display
  8. 6. Building a VR-Based Movie Theater
  9. 7. A-Frame Components and the Registry
  10. 8. Version Control and Deploying Your Code on GitHub
  11. Backmatter