Book Description

Praise for LOADED

"LOADED is that rare resource which somehow captures both theoretical and practical wisdom about money, personality, and life. Your views – and actions – with money will be much improved after reading the wonderful advice in LOADED."
—James Grubman, PhD, author of Strangers in Paradise: How Families Adapt to Wealth Across Generations and co-author of Cross Cultures: How Global Families Negotiate Change Across Generations


Based on decades of research and years of hands-on experience with people from all walks of life, LOADED is a must-read for anyone who finds themselves caught between the desire to thrive financially and the complex emotions and conflicting priorities that money so often brings to our lives.

Inside, you will learn to:

  • Check your stories. Pinpoint and change beliefs that hold you back.
  • Choose your strategies. Learn how to align your money with your needs.
  • Cultivate your value. Put your unique resources to use and earn more.

Deeply researched, yet written in an approachable, conversational tone, LOADED offers insight into how your personal experiences have shaped your financial attitudes, and how you can build a healthier relationship with money.

Table of Contents

  1. Acknowledgments
  2. Introduction
  3. 1: When It Comes to Money, We’ve All Got Issues
    1. Notes
  4. 2: Money Messages
    1. We Don’t Talk about Money
    2. We Talk about Money Constantly
    3. From Freud to Frodo: The Stories We Tell Each Other
    4. The Stories We Tell Ourselves
    5. Stories Can Help or Hurt
    6. Heuristics and Biases Shape Our Stories
    7. Identifying Core Beliefs
    8. Challenging Core Beliefs
    9. Using Science to Our Advantage
    10. Notes
  5. 3: Poverty, Privilege, and Prejudice
    1. Money and Social Psychology: How Poverty, Privilege, and Comparisons Affect Our Minds and Behavior
    2. Poverty: Why Not Having Enough Is a Major Drag
    3. Privilege: Why Having an Advantage Is Great . . . and Not So Great
    4. Prejudice—We’ve All Got It
    5. Movin’ on Up
    6. Money and Cognitive Psychology: How Specific Thinking Patterns Affect Financial Decisions
    7. Why Retail Therapy Feels Good: Identity and Ego Depletion
    8. Time and Money: Why We Always Want It NOW
    9. Thinking in Circles
    10. Finances and Emotions
    11. Financial Knowledge
    12. Making Change
    13. Notes
  6. 4: The LOADED Budget
    1. What’s Wrong with Your Budget?
    2. Where Does Your Money Come from?
    3. Assets and Resources
    4. Where Does Your Money Go?
    5. Rules of Thumb for Creative Resource Management
    6. The Asset Test
    7. Putting It in All Together: Your Personal Economy
    8. Enjoying a Loaded Life: Living in Harmony with Your Money and Your Values
    9. Notes
  7. Appendix A: Self-Assessments
    1. Write Your Personal Financial Narrative
    2. Define Your Core Beliefs
    3. Financial Management Behavior Scale
    4. Emotions and Money (from HelloWallet’s 2014 Pilot Study)
    5. Mental Imagery
    6. Behavior Identification Form
    7. How Impulsive Are You?
    8. Big Five Financial Literacy Questions
  8. Appendix B: Interventions and Exercises
    1. Change the Narrative
    2. Challenging Core Beliefs: Find a Counterexample
    3. Age Progression
    4. Future Visualization Exercises
    5. Exercises to Combat MoneyThink
    6. Affirm Core Values
    7. Cash Flow Worksheet
    8. Resources Worksheet
    9. Expenses and Needs Worksheet
    10. Your Personal Economy
    11. Just-In-Time Financial Education Resources
  9. About the Author
  10. Index
  11. EULA