Cook over 100 recipes to absolute perfection with guidance from Mary Berry.

For each recipe Mary identifies the crucial techniques that guarantee perfect results and gives easy-to-follow, step-by-step photographic instructions. Wondering exactly how to cook salmon so that it melts in your mouth, how to cook a steak to the perfect shade of pink, or how to bake a cake that's both springy and moist? With Mary Berry's no-nonsense, tried-and-true instructions, every dish you cook can be absolutely perfect.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Half-Title
  3. Contents
  4. How To Use This eBook
  5. Introduction
  6. Soups
  7. First Courses
  8. Fish and Shellfish
  9. Poultry and Game
  10. Meat
  11. Pasta and Rice
  12. Vegetables
    1. at-a-glance guide to cooking vegetables
    2. how to boil, steam, and braise vegetables
    3. how to roast vegetables
    4. how to broil and grill vegetables
    5. how to sauté vegetables
    6. how to stir-fry vegetables
  13. Salads
  14. Desserts
  15. Cakes, Cookies, and Bread
  16. Acknowledgments
  17. Copyright