Book Description

The future will be increasingly decentralized. As the publicity surrounding bitcoin and blockchain has shown, decentralized technology and distributed business models are already popular. Yet the disruptive potential of this technology is obscured by hype and misconceptions in equal measure. In this detailed guide, Lorne Lantz and Daniel Cawrey distill the complex ideas behind blockchain into an easily digestible reference that shows what is really going on under the hood.

Finance and technology professionals will learn how a blockchain works as they explore the evolution and current state of cryptocurrencies, and the function of smart contracts. If you’re evaluating whether to invest your time in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry, this book is for you. Get beyond the buzzwords and discover what the technology has to offer.

  • Learn why Bitcoin was fundamentally important to the birth of blockchain
  • Explore altcoin and altchain successes and failures, to see what can be done with blockchains and cryptocurrencies
  • Understand the challenges of scaling a blockchain and forking a blockchain project
  • See what Ethereum offers beyond Bitcoin
  • Examine how the money flows in crypto markets
  • Discover why, how, and where governments are intervening in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry
  • Understand the perspectives of real-world practitioners in the space

Table of Contents

  1. 1.
    1. Evolution of Bitcoin, Colored Coins, Mastercoin, Omni Layer, Tether
      1. Bitcoin Has Limited Functionalities as a Technology
      2. Colored Coins and Tokens
      3. Mastercoin
      4. Understanding Omni Layer
    2. Ethereum
      1. Cryptocurrency
      2. Smart contracts
      3. Use cases
      4. Decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO)
      5. Key Organizations in Ethereum Ecosystem
    3. Dapps
      1. History
      2. Use cases
      3. State of Ethereum Dapps
      4. Challenges developing Dapps
    4. Deploying and Executing Smart Contracts in Ethereum
      1. Ethereum Virtual Machine
      2. Read Contract:
      3. Write Contract
  2. 2. Chapter 5: Tokenize Everything
    1. Mastercoin
    2. Ethereum
    3. Gnosis
    4. Are ICOs Still Possible?
    5. Tokens on the Ethereum Platform
      1. Fungible vs. non-fungible
      2. Implications
      3. Different types of Ethereum tokens
      4. Is a Token Necessary?
      5. Airdrops
    6. STOs / Utility vs Security
      1. Utility
      2. Security
      3. Security Token Offerings
    7. Understanding ERCs
      1. Other ERC standards
      2. Conclusion