Using Model-Driven DevOps and the Infrastructure as Code (IaC) paradigm, IT teams can develop and operate infrastructure more quickly, consistently, and securely than ever beforegrowing agility, getting to market sooner, and delivering more business value. Now, four leading practitioners walk you step by step through successfully implementing Model-Driven DevOps. Drawing on deep hands-on experience, they share lessons learned, present solutions to common pitfalls, and illuminate crucial differences between DevOps for infrastructure and the application-based DevOps most books cover.

This relentlessly practical guide shows developers and operators how to work together in tailoring its detailed, prescriptive approach to infrastructure, and how to address the human and organizational issues that cause some organizations to fail. You’ll learn how to create SDN and IaC data models to manage massive numbers of network elements, organize enormous quantities of network data, and apply DevOps to infrastructure repeatably and consistently. The authors’ deep dive into Model Driven DevOps includes use cases and specific examples, supported with sample open source code in their companion code repositories.

Table of Contents

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  8. Table of Contents
  9. Preface
  10. Acknowledgments
  11. About the Authors
  12. About the Contributing Authors
  13. Chapter 1: A Lightbulb Goes Off
  14. Chapter 2: A Better Way
  15. Chapter 3: Consumable Infrastructure
  16. Chapter 4: Infrastructure as Code
  17. Chapter 5: Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment
  18. Chapter 6: Implementation
  19. Chapter 7: Human Factors
  20. Index
  21. Code Snippets