"In their 'deliberately short book' IT analysts, management consultants and technology practitioners Roehrig and Pring explore how big a beast technology has become, and how we can tame it to maintain our freedom and privacy while still realising its benefits. The pandemic has shown just how much we rely on technology and how addictive it has become…The authors address the important questions…[and] urge us not to slay the monster but rather to leverage its power and reorient technology as a tool for good."
—Financial Times

Monster explains how we can responsibly engage with technology, and avoid its darker tendencies, while accepting its necessary gifts. The authors, insiders at one of the world's largest tech consulting firms, give a unique take on:

  • The addictive nature of tech and how to fight it
  • The growing backlash against big tech--where it's right and what it misses
  • Crucial steps for taming technology's role in your life and in your organization--without becoming a modern Luddite

Written for managers, leaders, and employees at companies of all sizes and in all industries, Monster will help you understand and take control of technology's powerful role in your life and your organization.

"You must read this book."
—Michael Schrage, Research Fellow, MIT Sloan School Initiative on the Digital Economy

"Pithy insights and recommendations on helping tech fulfill its potential as a force for good."
—Erik Brynjolfsson, Director of the Stanford Digital Economy Lab and co-author of The Second Machine Age

"Making technology serve—not subvert—the public interest requires better leaders, not more engineers and coders. Monster explains how to become one of those leaders."
—Rosabeth Moss Kanter, Harvard Business School Professor and author of Think Outside the Building

"A bracing new book about some of the most pressing questions of our time."
—Carl Benedikt Frey, Oxford Martin Citi Fellow at Oxford University and author of The Technology Trap

"Provocative and concise, Monster is an important book on rescuing ourselves from technology that now feels corrosive and overwhelming."
—Daniel H. Pink, author of WHEN, DRIVE, and TO SELL IS HUMAN

"Clarifies a complex web of issues and provides bold steps for a healthier economy, society, and future."
—Francisco D'Souza, former CEO and Vice Chairman of Cognizant

"Sheds light on how we can collectively use technology for the good of all."
—Soumitra Dutta, Founding Dean, SC Johnson College of Business, Cornell University

"A cornucopia of pragmatic, actionable, and bold ideas."
—Gary J. Beach, Publisher Emeritus, CIO magazine and author of U.S. Technology Skills Gap

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright
    1. Can we tame the beast?
    2. Notes
    1. Welcome to the web
    2. Entangled in the dark: Quantum computing powers up
    3. Speed makes it harder to drive
    4. Big Brother was an amateur
    5. From MAD to MADD
    6. Notes
  6. 3 CAPITAL
    1. Income return, growth, and I dream of Gini
    2. Surveillance capitalism and the digital oligarchs
    3. Data, privacy, and the health of nations
    4. Belt, road, and surveillance communism
    5. Tribes and borders in cyberspace
    6. Power shifts from the G7 to the D7
    7. Notes
    1. Digital fentanyl
    2. Your 70,000-year-old operating system is melting
    3. Who are you again? Identity in the digital age
    4. The singularity is near. Unfortunately
    5. Notes
  8. 5 SOCIETY
    1. Modern Luddites and the growing techlash
    2. Lessons from the rearview mirror
    3. War has already been declared
    4. Notes
    1. I. Co-author new rules of the road
    2. II. Govern technology by community
    3. III. Apply The Golden Rule in cyberspace
    4. IV. Accept your role as part of the solution
    5. V. Don’t give up on loving tech
    6. VI. Treat your data like your reputation
    7. VII. Fight against the relentless brain hacks
    8. VIII. Modernize the authority over technology and capital
    9. Notes
  10. 7 OFF?
  11. 8 POSTFACE
  12. Acknowledgments
  13. About the Authors
  14. Index
  15. End User License Agreement