The number eight is a special number. It is the symbol of infinity and harmony through the balance of the two interlocking loops. It is considered an allegory of self-confidence, success, inner wisdom, and financial abundance. Number eight means that you are on the right path to reaching your objectives.

I use a guideline as a metaphor for the line by which one is guided to assist the crossover from a difficult challenge to achieving ones` goal. Negotiate Your Way to Success is my story line. The line I am passing to you to serve as a foundation for behavior that will deliver what you demand from your professional life and beyond.

Negotiation is both art and a science. A successful negotiation is a balancing act between strategy, tactics, and the right negotiation approach. However, it also relies on the ability to manage oneself. The best negotiation outcomes are the consequences of a coming together of moments and decisions that prove life-changing.

Negotiate Your Way to Success is a collection of pragmatic guidelines flowing from the situations that I experienced working with business professionals across the world. This book is a personal journey that I hope will inspire others. While career paths and aspirations may differ, certain professional dilemmas are universal. Bad decisions coupled with good reflections can often produce satisfactory future outcomes.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Half-Title Page
  3. Title Page
  4. Copyright
  5. Dedication
  6. Description
  7. Contents
  8. About the Author
  9. Introduction
  10. Guideline 1 My Career Track Looks Like an Octopus
  11. Guideline 2 Do Not Settle for Less Than What Feels Right
  12. Guideline 3 Set the Bar High
  13. Guideline 4 Motivate Yourself to Exceed Expectations
  14. Guideline 5 Success Loves Company
  15. Guideline 6 Get the Best Job Title
  16. Guideline 7 Never Stop Looking for New Career Opportunities
  17. Guideline 8 Develop Your Natural Talents
  18. Guideline 9 Build Your Army of Supporters
  19. Guideline 10 Get a Tough Mentor
  20. Guideline 11 Never Compromise on Your Values
  21. Guideline 12 Design Your Personal Brand of Excellence
  22. Guideline 13 Expand Your Horizons
  23. Guideline 14 Learn to Live One Day at a Time
  24. Guideline 15 Define Your Life Non-Negotiables
  25. Guideline 16 Project the Outcome You Want
  26. Guideline 17 Develop High-Performance Habits
  27. Guideline 18 Frequent the Best Places
  28. Guideline 19 Build an Aura of Desirability
  29. Guideline 20 Dress for Success
  30. Guideline 21 Life Is a Journey (Aka the Airplane Test)
  31. Guideline 22 Communicate Like a Boss
  32. Guideline 23 Be Selective
  33. Guideline 24 Build Trust
  34. Guideline 25 Momentum Is Everything
  35. Guideline 26 The Power of Eight
  36. Interview Insights
  37. Summary of Guidelines
  38. References for Further Reading
  39. Also by Kasia Jagodzinska
  40. Index
  41. Backcover