Thrive on risk, speak with intention―and be the influential and confident leader you know you are.

Too often, we get stuck in our heads, focus on the negative, and paralyze ourselves with fear. And, like clockwork, we fail to achieve our goals.

The only way to become an effective leader and enjoy career success is by silencing the self-sabotaging thought patterns and learn to trust yourself. Once you’ve established a trusted connection with yourself, clear on who you are and what motivates you, career opportunities will follow.

Former Wall Street executive Marisa Santoro spent years navigating trading floors in an abrasive male-dominated industry and field, where she learned from experience that the key to leadership success is self-trust. Now, in Own Your Authority, she shares her hard-won secrets to being a resilient leader. Santoro lays out a step-by-step blueprint for building the confidence you need at any stage of your career, whether you are an executive, a mid-career senior professional, an emerging leader, or consultant.

  • Be clear on how you’re perceived and how you relate with others
  • Be willing to act on instinct in the face of fear
  • Be aware of the instinctive yellow alerts flagging your indecision―they are there for a reason and will help you make the best decision
  • Trust your “intuitive gut gene,” an instinct that helps you make gutsy moves
  • Speak out and openly express yourself without apology, restriction, or worry about the opinions of others
Self-confidence is a universal prerequisite for being an effective leader. The good news is you’re not born with it―you develop it.

With Own Your Authority, you’ll learn to master your mindset, give yourself permission to break through the walls that have held you back, and deliver positive impact to yourself, your team, and your business.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Dedication
  5. Contents
  6. Acknowledgments
  7. Introduction
  8. 1 Self-Promote with Ease and Authenticity
    1. Let Your Results Do the Talking
    2. Compliments Market Your Mission
    3. Silence the Inner Crow
    4. The “No-Bragging” Backlash
    5. Your No-Action Actions
    6. Leverage Your Leadership Assets
    7. Communicate Your Metrics
  9. 2 Own Your Authority as a Thought Leader with Influence
    1. Experts Are Made, Not Born
    2. Growing Pains Are the Wake-up Call
    3. Leadership, Not Management
    4. Find a Void and Fill It
    5. Master Smart and Simple
    6. Education, Not Ego
    7. Strategic Thinking
  10. 3 Fearlessly Network: Build Your Professional Pipeline
    1. Go-Giving, Not Gaining
    2. Make Yourself Memorable
    3. Market Your Message
    4. Greeting, Not Meeting
    5. Birds of a Feather Flock Together
  11. 4 Yes! Ask and Expect It Every Time
    1. Asking Is a Muscle
    2. Think Like An Immigrant
    3. No Is Next
    4. Perfectly Polite Pushback
    5. Buy-in with Pleasant Persistence
    6. Shakespearean Confidence
    7. The Meeting Before the Meeting
  12. 5 Speaking Without Apology
    1. Quiet Power
    2. Listening without Apology
    3. Shhhhh . . . Silent Spells the Word Listen
    4. Get to the Point
    5. Being Before Speaking
    6. Small Talk and Storytelling
    7. Calls to Action
  13. 6 Honing Your Intuition
    1. Sharpening It
    2. Trusting It
    3. Allowing It
  14. Appendix
  15. Notes
  16. Index