Book Description

Practical Art of Motion Picture Sound, 4th edition relies on the professional experience of the author and other top sound craftspeople to provide a comprehensive explanation of film sound, including mixing, dubbing, workflow, budgeting, and digital audio techniques.

Table of Contents

  1. Front Cover
  2. Half Title
  3. Title Page
  4. Copyright
  5. Dedication
  6. Contents
  7. A Memorial to Excellence
  8. Chapter 1 The Empowerment of Sound
  9. Chapter 2 Our Amateur Beginnings
  10. Chapter 3 The Passing of a Tradition and Coming of Age
  11. Chapter 4 Success or Failure: Before the Camera Even Rolls
  12. Chapter 5 The Challenging Battlefield of Production
  13. Chapter 6 From the Set to the Laboratory
  14. Chapter 7 Picture Editorial and the Use of the Sound Medium
  15. Chapter 8 Temp Dubs and Test Screenings: A Critical Objective View
  16. Chapter 9 Spotting the Picture for Sound and Music
  17. Chapter 10 Custom Recording Sound Effects: The Real Fun and Adventure
  18. Chapter 11 The Sound Librarian: The Curator of an Audio Empire
  19. Chapter 12 Sound Design: Myths and Realities
  20. Chapter 13 Sound Editorial: Sync-Sync, Chop-Chop
  21. Chapter 14 Sound Editorial: Ultra Low-Budget Strategies
  22. Chapter 15 Dialog Editors: Hollywood’s Unsung Heroes
  23. Chapter 16 ADR and Looping: Getting the Lips to Flap in Sync
  24. Chapter 17 Foley: The Art of Footsteps, Props, and Cloth Movement
  25. Chapter 18 The Music Composer: Audio Collaboration or Mud and Destruction
  26. Chapter 19 The Rerecording Stage: Predubbing and the Final Mix
  27. Chapter 20 Production Sound: Four Digital Portable Sound Recorders
  28. Chapter 21 The Venerable Nagra IV-S (Analog)
  29. Chapter 22 Emerging Technologies: Sound Restoration and Colorization
  30. Glossary
  31. Index
  32. DVD and Website Information