Learn to write a real-world enterprise app using the fundamentals of React and the most popular React libraries. Knowing the basics of React is important, but what is more important is knowing the common third-party libraries and how to use them. The book is perfect for intermediate to experienced React developers or busy React developers who would like to get things done and have maintainable React code.

Practical Enterprise React features popular libraries such as React Router v6 for route navigation, Redux with Saga and Thunk for state management, and Formik with Yup for form and input validations. You'll also work with Material UI 5 (the next major version of the most popular UI component library in React), Axios as the HTTP client library, JWT auth for client app authentication, and TypeScript. Finally, you'll learn to deploy the app to Netlify, and containerize the React app to ship it as a standalone container instance or in a Kubernetes cluster.

Become a more effective React developer by using what is available out there instead of trying to reinvent the wheel. This book reveals how to save time and money, and build better apps for your clients. Get practical with React enterprise app development and enhance your career.

What You'll Learn

  • Use TypeScript in React and React Hooks
  • Work with Redux Toolkit, and TypeScript
  • Build an inventory dashboard, charts, and calendar
  • Write forms with Formik
  • Validate inputs with Yup
  • Use Material UI for fast user interface building
  • Secure your React app by building a login form and protecting the routes

Who This Book Is For

Those interested in writing React enterprise apps. Knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript/TypeScript is required, and experience with JavaScript libraries/frameworks would be useful. 

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Front Matter
  3. 1. Getting Ahead in React
  4. 2. Getting Started with the Node Package Manager
  5. 3. Getting Started with React Function Components and TypeScript
  6. 4. Setting Up an Enterprise-Level App
  7. 5. Navigating React Router
  8. 6. Writing Local States, Sending HTTP Requests, and ApexCharts
  9. 7. Writing Data Tables, Formik Forms, and Yup Validations
  10. 8. Writing Data Tables, Formik Forms, and Yup Validations: Part 2
  11. 9. Managing State Using Redux with Redux Toolkit
  12. 10. Setting Up Redux Toolkit and Dispatching an Asynchronous Action
  13. 11. Creating, Deleting, and Updating Events on FullCalendar Using RTK
  14. 12. Protecting Routes and Authentication in React
  15. 13. Writing a Profile Form and Syncing It to Components
  16. 14. Updating the Dashboard Sidebar Navigation
  17. 15. Creating the Notifications, Security, and Subscription Pages
  18. 16. Making the App Mobile-Friendly
  19. 17. Styling Methods for React Components
  20. 18. Deploying React in Netlify and in Docker
  21. Back Matter