Book Description

Hit the ground running with React, the open-source technology from Facebook for building rich web applications fast. With the second edition of this practical guide, Stoyan Stefanov—designer of the YSlow 2.0 performance tool—shows you how to build React components and organize them into maintainable, large-scale apps. If you’re familiar with basic JavaScript syntax, you’re ready to get started.

Through the course of the book, web developers and programmers will build a complete custom app that lets you store data on the client. You’ll quickly learn why some developers consider React the key to the web app development puzzle.

Table of Contents

  1. Preface
    1. About This Book
    2. Conventions Used in This Book
    3. Using Code Examples
    4. O’Reilly Online Learning
    5. How to Contact Us
    6. Acknowledgments
  2. 1. Hello World
    1. Setup
    2. Hello React World
    3. What Just Happened?
    4. React.createElement()
    5. JSX
      1. Setup Babel
      2. Hello JSX world
      3. What just happened?
    6. Next: Custom Components
  3. 2. The Life of a Component
    1. A Custom Functional Component
      1. A JSX Version
    2. A Custom Class Component
      1. Which Syntax to Use?
    3. Properties
      1. Properties in Functional Components
      2. Default Properties
    4. State
    5. A Textarea Component
    6. Make it Stateful
    7. A Note on DOM Events
      1. Event Handling in the Olden Days
      2. Event Handling in React
      3. Event-Handling Syntax
    8. Props Versus State
    9. Props in Initial State: An Anti-Pattern
    10. Accessing the Component from the Outside
    11. Lifecycle Methods
    12. Lifecycle Example: Log It All
      1. Paranoid State Protection
    13. Lifecycle Example: Using a Child Component
    14. Performance Win: Prevent Component Updates
    15. Whatever Happened to Functional Components?
  4. Index