Book Description

In Real Estate Titans, Erez Cohen shares the advice and learnings of the world's leading real estate experts to create a guide for becoming a savvier real estate player.

Cohen draws on his experience as a research and teacher’s assistant at Wharton Business School with an investment expert—and his mentor—Dr. Peter Linneman. Throughout his career, Cohen has collected first-hand knowledge from meetings with such real estate titans as Ronald Terwilliger, Sam Zell, Joseph Sitt, and numerous others. Cohen wanted to understand how these real estate giants became so successful, so he refined his quest into three critical questions: What inspires these titans to work so hard and reach such extraordinary levels of success? What are the main elements and traits inside of them that propel them to be so grandiose? How have these individuals, who had less resources, succeeded on a much bigger scale than so many of their competitors?

Real Estate Titans contains the 7 key lessons distilled from interviews with several of the world’s greatest real estate investors. These critical lessons offer insight into the mindset, tactics, and habits that each of the interviewed titans possess. Once you implement these key ideas—which you won’t find anywhere else—into your business, it will grow exponentially within a matter of months.

Real Estate Titans offers an insider’s view into several of the most successful investors on the planet. The book’s compelling stories and lessons show why real estate is such a wonderful and important business, and it also offers a roadmap for becoming a world class real estate player.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Acknowledgments
  3. Introduction
    1. Notes
  4. Part I Interviews with Real Estate Titans
    1. Chapter 1 Richard Mack
      1. Understand the potential downside of a deal
      2. In His Own Words
      3. The Big Opportunity
      4. The Polish Job
      5. Local Knowledge
      6. The Radio Tower King
      7. The Stroke of a Pen
      8. Investment Philosophy
      9. Starting Over
      10. Big Opportunities
      11. A Little Leverage
      12. Technology
      13. Keep the Faith
      14. My Philosophy
      15. Notes
    2. Chapter 2 Urs Ledermann
      1. Your final users should be your biggest fans
      2. Humble Beginnings
      3. Reimagine the Vision
      4. Seeking Beauty
      5. Not All Roses
      6. Starting Over
      7. Learning by Doing
    3. Chapter 3 Ronald Terwilliger
      1. The secret to living is giving
      2. Love What You Do
      3. The Importance of Mentoring
      4. Be Realistic
      5. Real Estate and Recessions
      6. Keep Learning
      7. The Two Markets
      8. My Philosophy
    4. Chapter 4 Gina Diez Barroso
      1. A beauty of a mission
      2. Starting Out
      3. The Right Project
      4. The Real Estate Business
      5. Technology
      6. Education Is My Passion
      7. Dalia Empower
      8. My Advice
      9. My Philosophy
    5. Chapter 5 Elie Horn
      1. There is no reward without risk
      2. Humble Beginnings
      3. Keep Learning
      4. My Philosophy
      5. Notes
    6. Chapter 6 Richard Ziman
      1. Success is about making a difference
      2. The Early Days
      3. Opportunities
      4. Family Business
      5. Mentors
      6. Finding the Perfect Deal
    7. Chapter 7 Robert Faith
      1. Real estate is an entrepreneurial business
      2. In His Own Words
      3. Sweat Equity
      4. The Denver Downsides
      5. Adding Value
      6. Additional Advice
      7. Career Advice
      8. Mentors
      9. My Philosophy
    8. Chapter 8 Chaim Katzman
      1. The sky is not falling
      2. Starting Out
      3. Trends in the Marketplace
      4. Disruption
      5. Words of Wisdom
    9. Chapter 9 Rohit Ravi
      1. Find the supply and demand imbalance
      2. The Foundation
      3. Developing an Island
      4. Starting Over
      5. Market Shocks
      6. Technology
      7. My Philosophy
    10. Chapter 10 Joseph Sitt
      1. Learn to understand customers and what they wantPhoto credit: Zev Starr-Tambor
      2. In His Own Words
      3. Starting Out
      4. Valuable Lessons from the Stock Market
      5. Approaching Real Estate Deals
      6. Opportunities
      7. Favorite Deal
      8. Common Mistakes and Mindsets
      9. Mentorship
      10. Technology in Real Estate
      11. Routines
      12. Final Thoughts
    11. Chapter 11 Carlos Betancourt
      1. Patience is the ultimate virtue
      2. In His Own Words
      3. My Favorite Deal
      4. Hard Lessons
      5. Risky Business
      6. Leverage
      7. Technology
      8. Leadership Skills
      9. My Philosophy
  5. Part II The 7 Key Lessons
    1. Chapter 12 Key Lesson #1: A Powerful Mindset
      1. Perfection in California
      2. The Power of the Mind
      3. Food for Thought
      4. Habits That Help the Mind
      5. Notes
    2. Chapter 13 Key Lesson #2: The Hardest Workers in Any Room
      1. They Have a Purpose
      2. Passion
      3. The Lesson Kobe Bryant Gave to Jay Williams on Hard Work
      4. Geometric Results
      5. Notes
    3. Chapter 14 Key Lesson #3: Deep Focus and Clarity
      1. Recommendations on Goal Setting
      2. A Personal Example on the Power of Goals
      3. Clarity
      4. Develop a Specific Area of Expertise
      5. Clarity in Real Estate Investing
      6. Time Management and Planning
      7. Lessons on Focus in Development from Ronald Terwilliger
      8. A Story of Focus
      9. Notes
    4. Chapter 15 Key Lesson #4: Educated and Quantitative
      1. Read
      2. Feed Your Mind with History
      3. Numbers, Back of the Envelope (BOTE) Analysis, and Spreadsheets
      4. Taxes
      5. Asymmetric Risk Reward
      6. Understanding Geometric Returns
      7. Prepare for Downturns
      8. A Note on Financing
      9. Notes
    5. Chapter 16 Key Lesson #5: Surround Themselves with Greatness
      1. Surround Yourself with Smarter People
      2. Power of the Mastermind
      3. Mentors
      4. Giving Value
      5. Notes
    6. Chapter 17 Key Lesson #6: Extraordinary Salespeople
      1. Sell the Dream
      2. A Surprising Fact About Sales
      3. A Sales Master at WeWork
      4. Presentation Skills
      5. Notes
    7. Chapter 18 Key Lesson #7: Execute their Ideas
      1. Analysis Paralysis
      2. Timing
      3. Belief in Yourself
      4. Final Thoughts
    8. Appendix A: A Conversation with Wharton’s Dr. Peter Linneman
      1. In His Own Words
      2. Real Estate Deals
      3. The Next Generation
      4. Bad Partners
      5. Heroes
      6. Lessons
    9. Appendix B: Value Add—A Case Study
      1. Case Study—Altavista 147 in Mexico City, Mexico
    10. Glossary
    11. A Recap of the 7 Key Lessons
    12. About the Author
    13. Index