Book Description

Is your program ready for the real world? Real world evaluation is a balance between art, science, accuracy, and cost. To set your program up for success, you need to start the measurement and evaluation journey with a clear destination in mind. In Real World Training Evaluation, Patricia and Jack Phillips hone in on ROI in learning and development and outline a clear pathway to seamless and credible evaluation. Learn to avoid real world barriers that commonly get in the way of talent development initiatives. Earn the respect of senior management by showing bottom-line impact, including the ROI. And start describing program successes in quantitative, qualitative, financial, and non-financial terms to win over crucial stakeholders. By demonstrating program results, you can help your organization link its human capital investment to operational excellence and sustainability. Real World Training Evaluation offers the directions and tools to get you there.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright
  4. Contents
  5. Preface
  6. Acknowledgments
  7. 1 Introduction
  8. 2 Objectives
  9. 3 Evaluation Planning
  10. 4 Data Collection
  11. 5 Isolation of Program Effects
  12. 6 Data Conversion, Cost, and ROI
  13. 7 Reporting Results
  14. 8 Implementation
  15. About ROI Institute
  16. About the Authors
  17. Index