Learn to live and lead with enthusiasm and optimism, impact your team, and transform your culture  

In Row the Boat, Minnesota Golden Gophers Head Coach P.J. Fleck and bestselling author Jon Gordon deliver an inspiring message about what you can achieve when you approach life with a never-give-up philosophy. The book shows you how to choose enthusiasm and optimism as your guiding lights instead of being defined by circumstances and events outside of your control.  

Discover how to put the three key components of row the boat into practice in your life:  

  • The Oar: The energy. Only you can dictate whether your oar is in the water or whether you take it out and decide not to use it.  
  • The Boat: The sacrifice. The more you give, serve, and make your life about helping others, the better and more fulfilled your life will be, and the bigger your boat gets.  
  • The Compass: The direction. The vision you have for your life and the people you surround yourself with help create the dream of where you want to go.  

Perfect for athletes, coaches, business leaders, and anyone else who hopes to squeeze a little more enjoyment and productivity out of life, Row the Boat will propel leaders, teams, and organizations to greater heights than they have ever reached before. 

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright
  4. Dedication
  5. Introduction
  6. Chapter 1: The Man Behind the Boat
    1. The Hard Way
    2. Make the Most of Your Opportunities
    3. Hard Work, Opportunity, and Fate
  7. Chapter 2: Questions
  8. Chapter 3: The Origin of Row the Boat
    1. Pain and Purpose
    2. Row the Boat
    3. An Opportunity to Row the Boat
  9. Chapter 4: The Philosophy of Row the Boat
    1. Future
    2. Present
    3. Past
  10. Chapter 5: Rowing the Boat at WMU
    1. A Difficult Task
    2. The Big Dig
    3. Pouring the Foundation
    4. Creating Our Framework
    5. The Windows Year
  11. Chapter 6: The Three Key Components of Row the Boat
    1. The Oar
    2. The Boat
    3. The Compass
  12. Chapter 7: A Bigger Opportunity and Challenge
  13. Chapter 8: Rowing the Boat at the University of Minnesota
    1. A Culture in Need of Change
    2. The Harder Right
    3. Another Year One: The Dig
    4. Setting the Standard
    5. A Culture of Rowers
    6. A Roller Coaster Season: The Foundation
    7. Rest-OAR-Ation: The Framework
  14. Chapter 9: A Wave of Change
  15. Chapter 10: Rowing through Adversity
    1. Responding to Adversity
    2. Compass of Faith
    3. The Ultimate Response
  16. Chapter 11: Beyond Football
  17. Chapter 12: The Impact of Row the Boat Beyond Football
    1. Helping Families Stay Together
    2. Rowing Together
  18. Chapter 13: Rowing into the Future
  19. Chapter 14: Where Do You Row the Boat from Here?
    1. Make Today Better—Change Your Best
    2. Be the Reason
    3. Keep Rowing
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    12. Life Word
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    15. The Coffee Bean
    16. Stay Positive
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