Book Description

Single-camera Video Production, Fourth Edition clearly explains the technology and the equipment of video production and details step-by-step the professional-level techniques that can be applied to any type of production or budget. In addition, this manual will train you to integrate technique, equipment, and creative concerns within the production process-from preproduction planning through final editing.

This new edition contains more in-depth information about the transition from analog to digital video production and includes the latest information on digital video and HD. It includes expanded coverage of nonlinear editing techniques and features a new organization that follows the actual shooting process more closely.

Single-camera Video Production, Fourth Edition is a comprehensive yet succinct guide to single-camera video production. Written as part of the Focal Press Media Manual series, each page of this helpful guide covers a specific issue in video production and is accompanied by at least one illustration or diagram to further develop the your understanding of the topic.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Halftitle
  3. Title
  4. Copyright
  5. Dedication
  6. Contents
  7. Introduction
  8. Acknowledgments
  9. The Technology
    1. The Importance of Technology
    2. Limitations Of Equipment
    3. The Audio Signal: Frequency
    4. The Audio Signal: Amplitude
    5. Measuring Audio
    6. The Video Signal
    7. The Scanning System
    8. The Synchronization Process
    9. Color Video
    10. Measuring Video
    11. Digital Signal Standards
  10. The Equipment
    1. Background
    2. The Image Source: Tubes And Chips
    3. Light Gathering
    4. Focus And Aperture
    5. Depth Of Field
    6. Viewfinder And Accessories
    7. Camera Controls I
    8. Camera Controls II
    9. Camera Supports: Tripods
    10. Other Camera Support Systems
    11. Hand-Holding The Camera
    12. Analog Video Recording
    13. Digital Video Recording
    14. Videotape Stock
    15. Videocassette Recorder Operation
    16. Connectors, Plugs, And Jacks I: Power And Audio
    17. Connectors, Plugs, And Jacks II: Video
    18. Connectors, Plugs, And Jacks III: Digital
    19. Connector Panel: Consumer Model Recorders
    20. Connector Panel: Professional Model Recorders
    21. Connector Panel: Separate And Attached Units
    22. Audio: Cables And Connectors
    23. Microphone Types
    24. Microphone Pickup Patterns
    25. Microphone Mounting
    26. Audio Recording Considerations
    27. Lighting Instruments
    28. Controlling And Powering Light
    29. Color Temperature
    30. Measuring Light Intensity
  11. The Production Process: Preproduction
    1. Preproduction Planning I
    2. Preproduction Planning II
    3. Single-Column Script Format
    4. Dual-Column Script Format
    5. Storyboards
    6. Location Scouting
    7. Site Survey And Location Planning
    8. Organizing Equipment
  12. The Production Process: Production
    1. Production Stages And Setup
    2. Lighting Preparation
    3. Controlling Color Temperature
    4. Controlling Light Intensity
    5. Contrast Range
    6. Basic Three-Point Lighting
    7. More Complex Lighting
    8. Creative Lighting
    9. Sets And Properties
    10. Setting Up The Audio
    11. Rehearsing And Preparing Talent
    12. Shooting A Scene
    13. Directing Talent
    14. Shooting And Framing
    15. Framing Principles I
    16. Framing Principles II
    17. Creating Movement I
    18. Creating Movement II
    19. Creating Z-Axis Movement
    20. Graphic Forces
    21. Shooting To Edit: The Third Movement
    22. The Three Types Of Continuity
    23. Cover Shots
    24. In-Camera Effects I
    25. In-Camera Effects II
    26. Continuity Records: Logging
    27. Striking
  13. The Production Process: Postproduction
    1. The Editing Function
    2. Editing System Components
    3. Linear Editing Methods: Technical
    4. Linear Editing Operating Methods
    5. Editing Steps
    6. Nonlinear Editing: Technical
    7. Nonlinear Editing: Operating Methods
    8. Creative Editing Methods
    9. Conclusion
  14. Further Reading
  15. Glossary
  16. Index