This IBM® blueprint describes the SingleStoreDB that is running on Red Hat OpenShift in a containerized environment. The SingleStoreDB deployment uses the IBM Spectrum® Scale container native access storage class to create persistent volumes (PVs) for the SingleStoreDB pods deployment.

This document also describes the process that is used to expand a SingleStoreDB volume on IBM Spectrum Scale and an IBM Spectrum Scale PV on a Red Hat OpenShift cluster for IBM Spectrum Scale to verify that the SingleStoreDB remained intact after the volume is expanded.

The procedure to create a sample database that is named stockDB, and the data analytical stats for reading and writing the data also are included. The sample data was captured for comparison statistics for SingleStoreDB that is deployed on the IBM Spectrum Scale Cluster File System and local storage. These comparison statistics emphasize the notable difference between the sample data sets.

Finally, this document also explains the procedure that is used to create the same sample database with the unlimited storage feature in SingleStore by using IBM Cloud® Object Storage.

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