Book Description

Historically, the music industry has not been very environmentally conscious. There is a lot of waste, too little recycling, and (let's admit it) a tremendous amount of energy expended. This book is designed to provide background information and tools to help musicians, producers, engineers, and other music enthusiasts become more sustainable and ecologically minded in their craft. It provides an informative overview of pressing environmental concerns that directly relate to the business of creating music, with first-person narratives and tangible examples of what is and isn't being done. It also highlights the key success stories of musicians working toward sustainability and provides real-life suggestions that help to inspire not only earth-conscious business practices, but also smart personal habit changes that can improve your life and the lives of your friends, neighbors, and fans, as well as all members of the global community. You'll learn about sustainable touring practices, which instruments and sound equipment are most environmentally friendly, and all about earth-friendly recording studios. Whether you are a recording engineer, touring musician, or music manufacturer, there is something in this book for you.

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
    1. Dedication
  2. Foreword
  3. Preface
  4. Acknowledgments
  5. About the Author
  6. Introduction
  7. 1. Environmental Issues We All Face and Changes in the Music Business
    1. What’s at Stake
      1. Sustainability: The Most Important Issue We All Face
      2. Some Things to Think About
    2. Where, Oh Where, to Begin?
      1. Industrial Waste
      2. Diminishing Resources
    3. The Times They Are A-Changin’
      1. Greenhouse Gases
      2. The Greenhouse Effect and Carbon Emissions
      3. Where We Have Been and Where We Must Go
      4. Oil
      5. Natural Gas
      6. Coal
      7. Acid Rain
      8. Deforestation
      9. Transportation and Shipping
      10. Water
      11. Food and Agriculture
      12. Raw Materials
    4. Global Warming and Its Effects
      1. Damage to the Oceans
      2. The Worst That Could Happen
    5. Being an Ecological Optimist
      1. A Green Technology Revolution
        1. Wind
        2. Solar
        3. Hydro
        4. Geothermal
        5. Waste
      2. Political Action
    6. The Power of Music and Social Networks
      1. Music and Social Change through the Generations
        1. Live Earth
        2. Shelter from the Storm: A Concert for the Gulf Coast
        3. America: A Tribute to Heroes
      2. The Music, the Message, and the Medium
      3. Social Media—A Key Component of “Mobilizing the Message”
        1. MySpace and Facebook
        2. YouTube
        3. Blogs, Podcasting, and Message Boards
        4. Sales Tools for the Small Artist
        5. Widgets and Other Gizmos
      4. Some Things Never Change
  8. 2. Establishing Sustainable Practices on the Road
    1. Effecting Change
    2. Where to Begin?
      1. Start from a Known Position
      2. Map and Establish Touring Routes
      3. Evaluate Alternative Travel Options
      4. Visit Green Cities
      5. Consider Biodiesel or Veggie Oil
      6. Evaluate Performance Venues
      7. Create Recycling Plans
      8. Consider Equipment and Gear Usage
      9. Carbon Offset Your Tour
      10. Assess Catering and Contractual Riders
      11. Consider Your Accommodations
      12. Consider Stage and Lighting Options
      13. Evaluate Merchandise Possibilities
      14. Use Educational Tabletops
      15. Look for Sponsorship and Donation Opportunities
      16. Engage and Inform Fans
    3. Size Doesn’t Matter—Influence Does
    4. Ecologically Focused Music Festivals
      1. Bonnaroo
      2. Rothbury
      3. Live Earth
      4. Green Apple Festival
    5. The Company You Keep
  9. 3. Tools of the Trade: Sustainable Instruments, Equipment, and Accessories
    1. Purchasing with a Purpose
      1. You Can’t Always Get What You Want
      2. True Cost of a Stomp Box
        1. Where was the item manufactured?
        2. What is the company’s commitment to the environment?
        3. What is the quality?
        4. What is their return or product disposal policy?
      3. Take Matters into Your Own Hands
    2. Sustainable Guitars
      1. Shortage of Sitka Spruce
      2. Options Available for the Guitar Consumer
      3. Do It Yourself
    3. Instruments and Music Appliances Made from Alternate Materials
      1. Sustainable Options for Drummers
    4. How Green Is Your Music Gear Distributor?
      1. Accessories
      2. Charitable Initiatives
      3. Computers
      4. Hard Drives
      5. The Data Center and Its Potential Future Impact on Musicians
    5. Solar Stages
    6. Pro Audio Gear and Accessories
      1. A Final Note on Chairs and Other Equipment for the Studio
  10. 4. Sustainable Recording Studios
    1. Project Goals
    2. Green Building Basics
    3. Planning
    4. Economic Benefits
    5. Establishing Energy Efficiency
      1. Seal the Perimeter
    6. Solar Power
    7. Other Viable Alternative Energy Sources
    8. Construction Considerations
    9. LEED
    10. Studio Finishing Products
    11. Furnishing Your Studio
    12. Conserving Resources
    13. Summing Up