Learn the big skills of C programming by creating bite-size projects! Work your way through these 15 fun and interesting tiny challenges to master essential C techniques you’ll use in full-size applications.

In Tiny C Projects you will learn how to:

  • Create libraries of functions for handy use and re-use
  • Process input through an I/O filter to generate customized output
  • Use recursion to explore a directory tree and find duplicate files
  • Develop AI for playing simple games
  • Explore programming capabilities beyond the standard C library functions
  • Evaluate and grow the potential of your programs
  • Improve code to better serve users

Tiny C Projects is an engaging collection of 15 small programming challenges! This fun read develops your C abilities with lighthearted games like tic-tac-toe, utilities like a useful calendar, and thought-provoking exercises like encoding and cyphers. Jokes and lighthearted humor make even complex ideas fun to learn. Each project is small enough to complete in a weekend, and encourages you to evolve your code, add new functions, and explore the full capabilities of C.

About the Technology
The best way to gain programming skills is through hands-on projects—this book offers 15 of them. C is required knowledge for systems engineers, game developers, and roboticists, and you can start writing your own C programs today. Carefully selected projects cover all the core coding skills, including storing and modifying text, reading and writing files, searching your computer’s directory system, and much more.

About the Book
Tiny C Projects teaches C gradually, from project to project. Covering a variety of interesting cases, from timesaving tools, simple games, directory utilities, and more, each program you write starts out simple and gets more interesting as you add features. Watch your tiny projects grow into real applications and improve your C skills, step by step.

What's Inside
  • Caesar cipher solver: Use an I/O filter to generate customized output
  • Duplicate file finder: Use recursion to explore a directory tree
  • Daily greetings: Writing the moon phase algorithm
  • Lotto pics: Working with random numbers

And 11 more fun projects!

About the Reader
For C programmers of all skill levels.

About the Author
Dan Gookin has over 30 years of experience writing about complex topics. His most famous work is DOS For Dummies, which established the entire For Dummies brand.

A ‘learning by playing’ approach to C! For me, it was a joyful return to the roots.
- Maciej Jurkowski, Grupa Pracuj

Dan blends the serious and amusing parts of C into a comfortable, gradual ladder of knowledge. No one else can write a book like this.
- Joe Tingsanchali, Sonar

I highly recommend to all of my colleagues who need to speed up slow Python code.
- Marco Carnini, Features Analytics

Excellent for anyone who wants to learn or relearn C. Highly recommended.
- Nathan McKinley-Pace, George Mason University

If you’ve never worked with C, or it’s been a long time since you have, this is an excellent book.
- Chris Kolosiwsky, Globality

Table of Contents

  1. Tiny C Projects
  2. Copyright
  3. contents
  4. front matter
  5. 1 Configuration and setup
  6. 2 Daily greetings
  7. 3 NATO output
  8. 4 Caesarean cipher
  9. 5 Encoding and decoding
  10. 6 Password generators
  11. 7 String utilities
  12. 8 Unicode and wide characters
  13. 9 Hex dumper
  14. 10 Directory tree
  15. 11 File finder
  16. 12 Holiday detector
  17. 13 Calendar
  18. 14 Lotto picks
  19. 15 Tic-tac-toe
  20. index