Chances are you purchased an order online in the past year and picked it up in the store or curbside. According to various estimates, 25% of US consumers tried curbside pickup by 2020, turning it into a $30- to $35-billion annual market. While COVID-19 certainly played a large part in this process, this shift toward a customer-first experience has been years in the making.

With this report, CMOs, analysts, and business leaders will learn how to pursue customer-centric, data-driven marketing. You'll learn through case studies how organizations have adapted by providing a customer-first experience. In the chapters that follow, authors George Mount, Lynne Capozzi, and Karen Wood examine the challenges marketers face and the technology solutions that have risen as a result, including customer data platforms.

Through the course of this report, you will:

  • Learn how a customer data platform (CDP) will complement your business and existing martech stack
  • Examine the top benefits you can expect from using a CDP, including customer experience, regulatory compliance, and business benefits
  • Get advice on how to build a long-term strategy for using a CDP--and how to get going quickly

Table of Contents

  1. Preface
  2. 1. Introduction and Case Studies
    1. Lululemon
    2. Moosejaw
    3. Ar├želik
  3. 2. Classic Data Problems, Classic Marketing Tools
    1. Mass and Direct Response Marketing
    2. Database-Driven Marketing
    3. The Benefits and Disadvantages of Database-Driven Marketing
  4. 3. Meeting Modern Data Challenges with a CDP
    1. The New Challenges of Marketing
    2. Increasing Volume, Variety, and Velocity of Data
    3. Omnichannel Engagement and Attribution
    4. Customer-Directed Experiences
    5. Personalized Data and the End of Cookies
    6. The Four Elements of a CDP
    7. Data Collection
    8. Profile Unification
    9. Segmentation
    10. Activation
    11. CDPs and Customer-Centric Marketing
  5. 4. CDP Implementation: Aligning People, Processes, and Tools
    1. Aligning the C-Suite
    2. Establishing Ownership: Marketing, IT, and Analytics
    3. Aligning Frontline Staff
    4. What Powers a CDP and Why Does It Matter?
    5. Measuring CDP Success
  6. 5. Where Are You in Data-Driven Marketing Maturity?
    1. Customer-Driven Means Data-Driven
    2. Data-Driven Maturity Model
  7. 6. Takeaways and Conclusion
    1. Achieving a Unified Customer Experience: Recommendations