Book Description

WebAssembly: The Definitive Guide is a thorough and accessible introduction to one of the most transformative technologies hitting our industry. What started as a way to use languages other than JavaScript in the browser has evolved into a comprehensive path toward portability, performance, increased security, and greater code reuse across an impressive collection of deployment targets.

Author Brian Sletten introduces elements of this technology incrementally while building to several concrete, code-driven examples of practical, cutting-edge WebAssembly uses. Whether you work with enterprise software or embedded systems, or in entertainment, scientific computing, or startup environments, you'll learn how WebAssembly can have a positive impact on the way you develop software.

  • Use WebAssembly designs to increase code portability across platforms
  • Reuse more of your software assets in a wider number of deployment targets
  • Learn how WebAssembly increases protection against prominent security attacks
  • Use WebAssembly to deploy legacy code in web environments
  • Increase your user base across languages and development environments
  • Integrate JavaScript code with other languages and environments to improve performance, security, and productivity
  • Learn how WebAssembly will affect your career as software developer

Table of Contents

  1. 1. Introduction
    1. History of the Web
    2. History of JavaScript
    3. Evolution of the Web Platform
    4. Native Client (NaCl)
    5. asm.js
    6. Rise of WebAssembly
  2. 2. “Hello, World!” (Sort of)
    1. WebAssembly Text Format (Wast)
    2. Converting Wast to Wasm
    3. Running Wasm in a Repl
    4. Running Wasm in the Browser