Book Description

Get Fit with Apple Watch is the concise introduction to the amazing new Apple Watch. It's the first book specifically focused on the Apple Watch's most important function: health and fitness.

This book is for you if you are interested in health and are willing to make small lifestyle adjustments in order to enhance health and well-being. This book is also for you if you are a dedicated health junkie who already exercises on a regular basis and follows a healthy diet. The Apple Watch includes fitness apps that you can access right on your wrist while you are exercising, for instant feedback on how you are doing.

You will learn how to use the Watch to avoid sitting for too long, to register a healthy amount of body movement every day, and how to get the most out of more strenuous exercise activities. All fitness and exercise-related built-in apps will be covered in detail, as well as leading third party health and fitness apps that have been specifically tailored to work with the Watch.

Part I plus two appendixes give readers just what they need to know to understand all functionality of the Apple Watch to set up their Apple Watch, and what third-party apps are available (at time of publication). It's a great mini-book that will be appeal to readers who don't feel the need to buy an entire standalone introduction to the Apple Watch.

Part II (the majority of the book) clearly explains the Apple Watch's fitness and health-tracking functions, but goes well beyond this by showing readers different ways to integrate these functions into their daily lives, regular workout routines, and with their iPhone and the leading third-party health and fitness apps. Plus, there's an entire chapter devoted to the Apple Watch Research Kit, explaining the benefits of the associated medical research apps and how users can participate in these world-changing programs, should they choose to.

Veteran technology author Allen Taylor is also a participant in the Apple Watch Research Kit study in cardiovascular fitness conducted by Stanford University.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title
  3. Copyright
  4. Dedication
  5. Contents at a Glance
  6. Contents
  7. About the Author
  8. About the Technical Reviewer
  9. Introduction
  10. Part I: Apple Watch Basic Facts
    1. Chapter 1: Common Features
      1. Case Dimensions
      2. Digital Crown
      3. Retina Display, Gestures, and Force Touch
      4. Heart-Rate Sensor
      5. Accelerometer
      6. Gyroscope
      7. Ambient Light Sensor
      8. Speaker and Microphone
      9. Wi-Fi
      10. Bluetooth
      11. Water Resistance
      12. Magnetic Battery Charger Cable
      13. USB Power Adapter
      14. Quick Start Guide
      15. Summary
    2. Chapter 2: The Collections
      1. The Three Collections
      2. The Apple Watch Collection
        1. The Case
        2. The Crystal
        3. The Bands
      3. The Apple Watch Sport Collection
        1. The Case
        2. The Crystal
        3. The Bands
      4. The Apple Watch Edition Collection
        1. The Case
        2. The Crystal
        3. The Bands
      5. Apple Watch Functions That Require an iPhone
        1. Health and Fitness Applications of Apple Watch That Do Not Require an iPhone
      6. Summary
    3. Chapter 3: Operating the Apple Watch
      1. Pairing the Apple Watch with Your iPhone
      2. Manipulating the Touchscreen
      3. Twirling the Digital Crown
      4. Pressing the Button
      5. Feeling Touched by the Taptic Engine
      6. Summary
    4. Chapter 4: Running the Built-in Apps
      1. Messages
      2. Phone
      3. Mail
      4. Calendar
      5. Activity
      6. Workout
      7. Maps
      8. Passbook and Apple Pay
      9. Siri
      10. Music
      11. Camera Remote
      12. Remote
      13. Weather
      14. Stocks
      15. Photos
      16. Alarm
      17. Stopwatch
      18. Timer
      19. World Clock
      20. Settings
      21. Summary
  11. Part II: The Apple Watch in Health & Fitness
    1. Chapter 5: Keeping Active with the Activity App
      1. What Weightlessness Does to Astronauts in Orbit
      2. How Too Much Sitting Is Like Weightlessness in Space
      3. The Activity App: More Fun Than a Three-Ring Circus
        1. The Move Ring
        2. The Exercise Ring
        3. The Stand Ring
        4. The Winner’s Circle
        5. Your Unobtrusive Coach
      4. Create an Activity Program Tailored to Your Needs
    2. Chapter 6: Building Strength and Endurance with the Workout App
      1. Before Starting Any Workout Program
      2. How Your Progress Is Tracked
      3. Supported Workouts
        1. Outdoor Running
        2. Outdoor Walking
        3. Outdoor Cycling
        4. Indoor Walking
        5. Indoor Running
        6. Indoor Cycling
        7. Elliptical
        8. Rower
        9. Stair Stepper
        10. Other
      4. How the Workout App Works
      5. Setting Workout Goals
      6. Tracking Progress with the iPhone Health App
        1. The Dashboard
        2. Health Data
        3. Sources
        4. Medical ID
      7. Setting New Goals
      8. Summary
    3. Chapter 7: Using the Apple Watch with the iPhone Health App
      1. Configuring the iPhone Health App
      2. Setting Your Watch as a Data Source
      3. Using the Health App Main Menu
      4. Tracking the Data That Interests You
        1. Fitness Data
        2. Vitals Data
      5. Summary
    4. Chapter 8: The ResearchKit Health Projects
      1. What ResearchKit Is and How Researchers Can Use It
      2. Diseases Initially Addressed by ResearchKit Apps
        1. Asthma
        2. Parkinson’s Disease
        3. Diabetes
        4. Breast Cancer
        5. Cardiovascular Disease
      3. What Future ResearchKit Apps Will Do
      4. Summary
    5. Chapter 9: Third-Party Health and Fitness Apps
      1. Nike+ Running
        1. The iPhone Part of Nike+ Running
        2. The Apple Watch Part of Nike+ Running
      2. Endomondo
        1. The iPhone Part of Endomondo
        2. The Apple Watch Part of Endomondo
      3. RunKeeper
        1. The iPhone Part of RunKeeper
        2. The Apple Watch Part of RunKeeper
      4. Strava
        1. The iPhone Part of Strava
        2. The Apple Watch Part of Strava
      5. LifeSum
        1. The iPhone Part of LifeSum
        2. The Apple Watch Part of LifeSum
      6. Runtastic
        1. The iPhone Part of Runtastic
        2. The Apple Watch Part of Runtastic
      7. Runtastic Six Pack
        1. The iPhone Part of Runtastic Six Pack
        2. The Apple Watch Part of Runtastic Six Pack
      8. Summary
    6. Chapter 10: What Could Be Improved?
      1. Increase Battery Life
      2. Incorporate GPS into Apple Watch
      3. Connect Directly to the Internet, Regardless of Where You Are
      4. Incorporate Blood Pressure Monitoring
      5. Incorporate Oxygen Saturation Testing
      6. Activity App Algorithm Improvements
        1. Deducing Whether a Person Is Sitting or Standing
        2. Deducing Exercise to Include Nonaerobic Sports
      7. Add More Sports to Those Tracked by the Workout App
      8. Summary
    7. Appendix A: Setting Up Your Apple Watch
      1. The My Watch Control Panel on the iPhone
      2. The Apple Watch Home Screen
  12. Index