Book Description

Your Best Prospects Are Referred Prospects!

Nobody likes cold calls. And nobody really needs to make them. The Referral of a Lifetime teaches a step-by-step system that will allow anyone to generate a steady stream of new business through consistent, qualified referrals while retaining and maximizing business with existing customers. Tim Templeton emphasizes the importance of applying the golden rule in business—putting the relationship with your customer first, rather than just making the sale.

This second edition adds a technique for creating a profile of your ideal customer and explains how to reach the tipping point on online reviews and testimonials so you can expand your business 24/7. Your customers, colleagues, and friends already know every new contact you will ever need to succeed. When you apply Tim Templeton's system, they will naturally refer those potential new customers to you.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright
  4. Dedication
  5. Contents
  6. Foreword by Ken Blanchard
  7. 1 Being Authentic with a System That Resonates
  8. 2 The Combination to Referral Success
  9. 3 It’s Who Your Clients and Associates Know
  10. 4 Categories and Avatars That Create Focus
  11. 5 Personal Connections That Are Compelled to Refer
  12. 6 A Philosophy and Process That Works for You
  13. 7 Social Proof Is a 24/7 Sales Force
  14. 8 Generating Referrals with a New Perspective
  15. 9 The Referral of a Lifetime
  16. Appendix
  17. About the Author