Activate Your Money has been a labor of love for more than two years. I have only been the ringleader and could not have completed this project without the amazing collection of women (and men) who stepped up to contribute their time, talent, and resources as writers, reviewers, thought partners, and more. They shared their insights, wrote material, reviewed chapters, and provided inspiration. Through their support and incredible commitment, they encouraged and buoyed me along the way.

I so appreciate the women who wrote entire chapters and those who reviewed several sections of the book. To my utter amazement, the writers and reviewers willingly read first drafts, then a second, and sometimes part of a third! They never complained. They just showed up, over and over again. I also value the reviewers who gave me critical feedback. This last group pushed me hard, forcing me to go back, tear a chapter apart, and write it again. Though it was painful at the time, I believe that process resulted in a better book.

There is literally no way I can express how deeply indebted I am to all the people who stood beside me on this journey. I am grateful to the women who were friends before this effort started and to those who have become friends along the way. I have been awed by their determination, contributions, and commitment to make the world a better place than they found it. I feel fortunate, indeed, to be in their company.

There are a few people who deserve a special callout. First, I want to thank my husband, Michael Taylor, for his unflagging patience with me as I worked long hours and over weekends to meet my self-imposed deadlines. He made sure I ate and showed his support for me and this project in innumerable ways. Second, I would like to thank Nancy Fish, who was one of the earliest fans of this book. As soon as we sat down at Book Passages to explore the crazy idea I was considering, she encouraged me. She read drafts of my first chapter, provided input to my book proposal, and introduced me to Michele Crim, who became my wonderful literary agent.

Regina Connell, the Joss Collective CEO, put together a club for writers early in my process. Although neither of us realized it at the time, that group was instrumental in helping me get, and stay on, the right path. I also want to thank Rebecca Williams for her work helping me create a vision and brand, Archie Alibasa for building the companion Activate Your Money website, Jill Bamburg for creating the amazing curriculum that works with this book, and, of course the women who helped me with all the editing—Margot Silk Forrest with earlier versions and Diana Ceres, who was enormously helpful later in the process.

The Writers

These women and men, experts in their field, wrote portions of, or entire, chapters. Together, they provided the scaffolding on which I was able to build the final content you see in this book today. Editing someone else's brilliance is so much easier than starting from scratch. I am humbled by their willingness to give so freely of their time and knowledge and apologize to those whose work may no longer be recognizable or was not included in the final draft.

The primary writers are Kate Barron-Alicante (Chapter 2); Lisa Leff Cooper (Chapter 3); Akasha Absher (Chapter 6); Lauren Sercu, (Chapters 7 and 8); Lisa Frusztajer, (Chapter 9); Beth Stelluto Dunaier (Chapter 11); Lisa Renstrom, Megan Morrice, and Kate Simpson (Chapter 12); and Ellen Remmer (Chapter 14).

Other content contributors included: Alicia Robb, Amie Patel, Andrew Behar, Andrew Jones, Astrid Scholz, Barbara Pierce, Caterina Rinde, Catherine Pyke, Clara Brenner, Eileen Freiburger, Jenny Kassan, Johanna Posada, Julie Lein, Laura Oldanie, Luni Libes, Mara Zepeda, Rebecca Young, Sara Lomelin Velten, Steve Murphy, Suzanne Andrews, and Victoria Fram.

The Reviewers and Thought Partners

Content reviewers were critical in helping me identify oversights, fix flaws, and provide greater clarity. Some reviewers were content experts in their own right, while others were potential readers of the book. I deeply appreciate their honest, critical feedback, as it kept me on track. Others provided insight and guidance along the way.

They are as follows: Abigail Ingalls, Alisa Gravitz, Alison Smith, Amir Chandra, Amy Beck, Amy Gudgeon, Anese Cavanaugh, Angela Marciano, Aniyia Williams, Ann Miles, Anna Mabrey, Anne Sapp, Annie McShiras, Arielle Ford, Arno Hesse, Avary Kent, Babbie Jacobs, Barbara Waugh, Beth Bafford, Caroline Yarborough, Carson Faris, Cat Berman, Cheryl Contee, Dan Murphy, Dana Smith, Daniel Wu, Danielle Eigner, David Stein, Deana Zabaldo, Divya Gandhi, Drew Tulchin, Elana Yohan Rosen, Elizabeth Castro Abrams, Emily Green, Erika Karp, Eve Picker, Felicia Herman, George Calys, Hali Lee, Homero Radway, Isis Krause, Ivka Kalus, Jane Bulnes-Fowles, Jenna Nicholas, Jennifer Leonard, Jennifer Sonderby, Jennifer Tonda Rohlfes, Jenny Wapner, Jessica Chao, Judy Bernstein, Karen Michels, Karin Bauer, Karl Uhlig, Katie Bamberger, Kathy Sonderby, Kimberly Griego-Kim, Kristin Hull, Kristina Montague, Laura Waters, Lauren Dube, Lauren Evans, Lee Clay, Lisa Margulis, Lisa Molinaro, Lisa St. Claire, Liz Fisher, Lynn Marie Auzenne, Marcia Dawood, Mark Herrera, Marilyn Waite, Marsha Morgan, Matt Hoffman, Megan Hryndza, Melanie Firpo, Michael Grimm, Michael Shuman, Michael Taylor, Naila Sharifova, Nancy Fish, Natalie Holm, Nicole Brown, Patricia Farrar-Rivas, Paul Ang, Paul Herman, Paula Liang, Phuong Luong, Rachel Robasciotti, Randi Benton, Rebecca Williams, Regina Connell, Renata Gomez, Sally Outlaw, Sandy Emerson, Sara Gelfand, Sara Olsen, Serena Zhao, Sonia Kowal, Sonya Dreizler, Stacie Rasmussen, Stefania Di Bartolomeo, Stephanie Meade, Steve Zuckerman, Sue Baggott, Suneeta Krish, Susan Bruce, Susan Fairchild, Susan Mayginnes, Sven Gatchev, Sylvia Kwan, Tamara Larsen, Tasha Seitz, Teresa Wells, Tim Yee, Toni Robino, Tory Laughlin-Taylor, Val Red-Horse Mohl, Valeriya Epshteyn, and Vic Griffith.

And, finally, I would like to thank Kevin Harreld, the senior acquisitions editor at John Wiley & Sons, who saw the potential in this book and agreed to publish it.

Now that Activate Your Money is completed, it is my turn to support you, the reader, on your investment journey. I also look forward to supporting the amazing work that many of the contributors are undertaking to help women feel more confident with money or by creating investment opportunities that let us shine as women. They allow all of us to fully express who we are and what we value through the choices we make with our money.

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