Where are the Lesson Files?

Purchase of this Classroom in a Book in any format gives you access to the lesson files you’ll need to complete the exercises in the book.

  1. Go to www.adobepress.com/PhotoshopCIB2020.

  2. Sign in or create a new account.

  3. Click Submit.


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    If you encounter problems registering your product or accessing the lesson files or web edition, go to www.adobepress.com/support for assistance.

  4. Answer the questions as proof of purchase.

  5. The lesson files can be accessed through the Registered Products tab on your Account page.

  6. Click the Access Bonus Content link below the title of your product to proceed to the download page. Click the lesson file links to download them to your computer.


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    If you purchased a digital product directly from www.adobepress.com or www.peachpit.com, your product will already be registered. However, you still need to follow the registration steps and answer the proof of purchase question before the Access Bonus Content link will appear under the product on your Registered Products tab.

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