First and foremost, a huge heartfelt thank you to my good friend Bill Burgess for his inspiring confidence. Bill, this book wouldn’t have been possible without your respectful guidance.

Many grateful thanks to Patty Montesion for placing her trust in me and for offering her ongoing help and support.

Special thanks to my editorial team: Nancy Peterson, Bob Lindstrom, Karen Seriguchi, Robyn Thomas, Robert Brock, Bill Burgess, and Justin Carlson. Thank you also to David Dvorin for his advice and encouragement.

Thanks to the Apple Logic team for providing their insight: Bob Hunt, Jeff Taylor, Manfred Knauff, and Thorsten Adam.

My deepest gratitude to all the artists and producers who agreed to provide their Logic sessions for this book: Blumpy and Joe Hedges for the song “Mitral Valve Prolapse,” Klayton from Celldweller for his remix “LVL-Home,” and Myron for his song “Darkside.”

Finally, very special thanks to all my students, to my fellow Logic trainers, to all the members of the Los Angeles Logic Pro User Group, and to all the good people on the Logic Pro Help forums for keeping the Logic user community alive by sharing their ideas and inspiration.

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